I never thought that I could feel this power


July 8 – We talked about Buddhist Ethics for 113 class. We also had our topics for our final paper approved. For the first part of the material gathering, we have to interview an “expert” in the field of our chosen topic. Hmm.

199 class was the same. We talked about stuff. Haha! After class, I hung out at the stones and it was so funny because Errol and TJ were such bitches. We were being judgmental people. Tsktsktsk! After a while, we went to the lib (Sancho, Sandy, TJ and I) because it was sooo hot! I was supposed to study but I was so sleepy so I took a nap. HAHA!

July 9 – Started talking about declensions for Latin. Eep, I’m sure things are going to get confusing soon. Oh no! For 136, we talked about how to make our speeches effective. Then, we gave out our questionnaires. We had the usual discussion for 117. I wasn’t able to talk much. UGH I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Siiigh. Oh well, I will exert more effort in the days to come, I promise!

We continued talking about transnationalism and Basch’s paper about that. I got another star! WOOO! It was about a definition again. Sir asked about the definition of a certain term (that I wasn’t able to write down) and he said that it was a giveaway. It’s a good thing I’m a fast scanner so I was able to find the definition of the term Sir was asking about. Woo! He asked me to explain it in my own words after I had read the definition and then I blurted out what I understood from what I read and it was correct. Yay!

Hung out at the stones for a while and played with Kyra’s iTouch while waiting! Then, we went to CNB for our GA! After the GA, Ara TJ Sandy Sam and I went to the gym for the pep rally! We sat up front because Krystle saved some seats for us. Yay again! The pep rally was boring! I mean, there were some awesome parts but there were a lot of dull moments. Aww! We loved the performance of the fencing team (who knew there were a lot of hot guys in the fencing team?!) and of the volleyball team.

Then, we went to the Sayoc residence for Len and Let’s birthday party! RB bonding. Hahaha photoshoot and swapping of stories and stuff. We also played rockband. Fun! I slept over at their house. FIRST TIME OMG!

July 10 – The next day, I ate breakfast with Mitch and her parents and we talked about stuff. It was sort of awkward for me because like I said, I have authority issues (BOO!) but it was all right because they were kind. We played rockband again after breakfast! After that, we got ready and they dropped me off at Anonas before going to Makati.

I got home and saw an iTouch on our bed. Tiff had borrowed Shu-Cheng’s iTouch. Woo! Addicting. After that, I started doing my homework and I was able to accomplish quite a lot.

Mom came home in the evening from Japan! PASALUBONG WOO! We have umbrellas (YAY!) and fancy cocktail rings. We also have food, as usual!

Oh yeah, one of our orgmates in CSA (Levi) and his team won in Microsoft’s 2010 Imagine Cup! SO COOL! They beat hundreds of teams from over 113 countries, if I’m not mistaken. We saw their 1st and 2nd round video submissions in YouTube and their game was reallyyy nice! Congratulations!

July 11 – I spent the day doing my homework. For dinner, we went to this Chinese restaurant in Binondo and we had dinner with some relatives and the kids! Cuuute!

I’m going to watch the World Cup finals later!! WOO GO SPAIN!!! ♥


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28 years old | Chinese-Filipina | University of the Philippines Diliman - BA European Languages (Spanish major, Speech Communication minor) 2011 | National Chengchi University - MA International Development | Working in the freight forwarding/logistics industry Learning to believe in myself more and not being afraid to seize opportunities ♥

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