Divide et impera.


June 18 – We didn’t have Latin class today because it was DEL’s 100th anniversary celebration and there was a parade. We joined the parade and walked around the oval. It was sooooo hot! After that, Jad and I finalized our 136 handouts. During class/our report, I wasn’t nervous at all. Hmm, I guess it must be the thought/feeling that someone is with you (because it was a pair thing) and that’s why you don’t really feel nervous.

Gaaaaaaaah. So not my day. I wasn’t able to say the things I wanted to say and this person really got on my nerves. I also wasn’t able to recite (AGAIN WTF) for 197. Siiigh. I raised my hand twice but he called someone else. Boo.

We got a TOOOOOOON of readings for 117! They cost P1800. OMG!

I “argued” with 2 street children because they were really annoying. They kept on asking for money so I told them off.

RB dinner again at Cannan and Cerealicious. Then, we went to Metch’s house to hang out. Hitched a ride with Krystle home. Yay!

June 19 – I went to Instituto Cervantes’ El Día E celebration. It’s their 2nd year and I can really say that the celebration is bigger and better! There was a game where you could win a trip to Andalucía but I wasn’t able to register. Aww!

I saw the guy there. Heeee! Sleg, Nicole, Mitch and I also hung out at the lib and looked at books. Sleg signed up for a library membership (I should do that soon) and borrowed some DVDs. I borrowed 1! Haha.

June 20 – Happy fathers’ day! We were supposed to go out but Dad was too lazy (all of us were lazy HAHA) so he decided to just cook kiampung (Yummyyyy!!) Sai and Achi Sarah even came over to eat! Lol.

I spent the day reading my readings and basically studying. Hee!

June 21 – Today is a very productive day for Tiff and I! First, we went to BIR supposedly to get a TIN (to be able to get a student permit) but they told us that they don’t do that anymore so we headed straight to LTO. Filed our application and shiz. I even got to notarize the org recog forms. Then, we went to UP. We (Dad, Tiff and I) ate lunch at Chocolate Kiss. Tiff and I treated Dad to lunch to sort of celebrate fathers’ day. After that, I met up with Mitch and gave her the forms for CAL org recognition.

Then, we went to Ortigas to get Tiff’s salary, went back to LTO for the releasing of our permits, and went to pick up Mom! Suuuuch a productive day!

I don’t have any class tomorrow so I’m staying at home to do homework! Woo!


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28 years old | Chinese-Filipina | University of the Philippines Diliman - BA European Languages (Spanish major, Speech Communication minor) 2011 | National Chengchi University - MA International Development | Working in the freight forwarding/logistics industry Learning to believe in myself more and not being afraid to seize opportunities ♥

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