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June 10 – The Chem Pav and I think some parts of AS burned last night o_O At first, we weren’t going to have 113 classes anymore because our room’s in AS and the administration closed down the building for inspection but then Ma’am suddenly decided to move our class to FC. I was stressing the whole morning because my classmate texted us that the homework had to be computerized. It was originally supposed to be an oral thing so I had to type it etc. Got to class late but it was all right.

EL199 class. We thought of possible topics for our theses and then we were dismissed. Jad and I talked for a bit more about the possible things we could write about but then I started to feel bad so we parted ways!

I rested and went to the stones. After some time, we decided to go to Cerealicious for dessert. I went with Mitch, Sandy, Jammy, Abby, Trish, and Kyle. Then, we went to Sandy’s place but we stayed in the car. After that, I went to Mitch’s boarding house to wait for Mom. We talked while waiting. Hee. Mom came to pick me up and we went to Trinoma (Hossein) for dinner.

June 11 – We didn’t have Latin and 136 class because AS was still closed. I hitched a ride with Kimbies and went to 117 class. We talked about the beginnings of Philippine literature in Spanish and then after that, we were dismissed. We spent some time looking through past theses so that we could have a better idea for our own theses.

Spent my break with my classmates. We talked about random stuff. For 197, we continued working on the manila papers and then we were divided into groups for the presentations/reporting. After that, we started discussing the things that were written on the manila papers.

I was supposed to hang out with the badminton people but I wasn’t really in the mood so I stayed at home and studied. At night, Jad and I chatted and finally, we were able to produce 1 topic!

Bry called me up at around 3AM. HAHAHA weird conversation brought about by tipsiness (IMO!) We talked for about an hour and then I said that I had to go because I was sleepy! LOL

June 12 – Happy 23rd anniversary Mom and Dad! Aww, too bad Dad’s in China! Mom’s sad. Hee.

Tiff and I commuted to Katips and Bong picked us up. We then went to buy chicharon at White Plains and then we went to his house for his dad’s advanced birthday celebration! We ate a lot and we got sooo full! After that, we decided to go to Shang to watch Karate Kid. In the end however, we watched Sex and the City 2 because Yuri didn’t want to watch Karate Kid. HAHA! Tiff and I also bought some flip flops and she bought a shirt. Commuted home.

June 13 – Mom woke us up so early in the morning to prepare for Ahia JR’s engagement party. We got there on time but as usual, they were late! Haha we waited for around 2 hours before the whole thing started — time I could have used studying! Oh well!

I got to experience a traditional Chinese engagement party. Cool! There were a lot of yummy food of course and we got so full! After that, we went home and basically studied again!

Jad and I were able to finalize the 3 thesis topics that we had to present. Yay!

Bry, Lor and I went to SM San Lazaro to watch the last full show of Karate Kid. WOOO!!! It’s a greaaat movie! I ♥ Jackie Chan! Jaden Smith’s body is sort of creepy though. He’s only 11 years old yet he has abs and he is very muscular!! Still, great movie!!! Heeeee.

June 14 – We went to Sai’s house to get water because we still didn’t have running water. Then, we went to Amici with ze kids for dinner! Shoti is sooo cute! Heee. Whoops, favoritism!

June 15 – Oliver reported on early theories on ethics for our 113 class. His report was looong (but according to him, it wasn’t long enough because he failed to include a lot of details still), but it was very informative. Information overload though.

We presented our thesis topics and well, we finally have our topic! Woo! I know it’s going to be interesting and fun! I do hope Jad and I don’t fight over our thesis (but I highly doubt that) because there are stories of thesis partners fighting and blah. Our working title — Un estudio sobre la interpretación de las mujeres en tres épocas distintas a través de las películas de Pedro Almodóvar. We hope to meet him one day. HAHAHA!

Metch is baaaack! Welcome back! I hope to be able to talk to you before you get deployed. LOL! She gave us our pasalubongs and then she had to go to class. I hitched a ride home with Don.

OSA is so stressful! UGH!!!!

I’m remaining positive though. I can do this… all of this!


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28 years old | Chinese-Filipina | University of the Philippines Diliman - BA European Languages (Spanish major, Speech Communication minor) 2011 | National Chengchi University - MA International Development | Working in the freight forwarding/logistics industry Learning to believe in myself more and not being afraid to seize opportunities ♥

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