Another week has come and gone


June 2 – Since I got all of my classes via CRS, I decided not to go to school on this day. I stayed at home and bummed around. At nighttime, some high school friends texted again and asked me if I wanted to play badminton again. I agreed! Bry picked me up and we played badminton! Matt and I played against Char and Jhenel. We lost. HAHA. Bry and I also played against Char and Jhenel and we won 2/3! Woo! I got home at around 1AM. Lol!

On another note, happy birthday Mitch! :)

June 3 – Tiff and I hitched a ride with Don to school. Was a little irritable in the morning because of the rain! Pfft! I went to CAL and filled out the 3 forms, and then had the pre-advising, post-advising, and Form5 printing after. Ma’am C was the one who advised me and it was sort of scary because she saw that I was under 2 of her classes – the thesis class and the poetry elective class. She told me to start thinking of thesis topics because she would ask for proposals after the 1st week of classes (EEP!) and for the poetry elective class, she told me to prepare for a ton of readings. Oh no! Sir E also told Jad and Sleg that we’re going to have a ton of readings for Latin. We’re also sure that we’re going to have a ton of readings for EL 197. Oh nooooo. This is going to be a challenging semester, I must say. Acads + EURO VP responsibilities. Oh well! I can do this. I do hope I can think of a good thesis topic already.

After that, I saw Sandy and we went to the lib together for the clearance. Then, we went to 101 for the validation and assessment. Then, we went to Ma’am Z’s office to get the invite but she wasn’t there.

Jax was also in UP. I needed to go to the bank to deposit EURO’s money so Sandy and Jax accompanied me there. We hitched a ride with Don and Tiff to Katips. After depositing the money, we ate at Persepolis. Sandy and I shared a chicken sandwich and then I also ordered a yogurt shake! After that, we went back to UP to accompany Jax around. She was prerogging for Jammy (who’s in HK) and CHK’s curriculum is… weird, so we decided to help her out.

First, we went to Psych but they’re out of classes so we couldn’t change Jammy’s Psych101 schedule. Next, we went to CHE to look for an FN110 class but there were a lot of people and I don’t think there were any slots left so we decided to go to the gym. We had to go through Jammy’s past subjects to know which subjects he could take for this semester. We listed down all the subjects he had already taken blahblah. Whew!

Then, we went back to CAL because I was meeting with Teej and Kyra. We went to Katips and then we hitched a ride with Teej’s uncle back to their place. We changed clothes, put on make-up blah, and then his uncle drove us to Shang. We went to the opening of the 15th French Film Festival. There was a cocktail event before the movie screening and a lot of people were there! People from different embassies, as well as some artists (Jericho Rosales, Cheska Litton, Luis Manzano, Raymond Gutierrez, Carla Humphries, Robin Padilla, etc.) were there! My feet killed me. HAHA I think it was 3 inches high or something. Gosh!

After the cocktail event, we went up to the cinema to watch the movie. There was a short introduction and awarding before the movie. Trisha (EURO orgmate) won a trip to France thanks to the Allons en France (I’m not sure if this is correct) contest sponsored by the French Embassy, KLM Airlines (?), AirFrance, etc. Lucky her!

We watched L’Amour c’est mieux a deux (The Perfect Date). It’s a good movie. It’s funny and witty. I think it’s a part of (?) Cannes 2010 because there was a watermark in the film all throughout. Lol. The movie finished at past 10. I rode the MRT to Taft and then I was supposed to ride the LRT1 to Tayuman but when I got there, the LRT was already closed! Tsktsk. Good thing I found a jeep that passes by my place so I rode that instead. Whew!

June 4 – I went to school at around 6PM for the EB meeting. After that, Sandy, Ara and I ate dinner at Cannan. They have big servings and I wasn’t able to finish my food because I was so full! The place was also cozy and it had a nice ambiance. After that, Bry and Lor came to pick me up and we went to Aileen’s condo. We hung out and talked and then after, we went home.

Tiff’s encounter with the rat. HAHAHA scary.

June 5 – I went to Teej’s house for the EURO plansem. It was so draining! At night, we picked up Dad from the airport. We were supposed to watch this show at CCP but it was in conflict to Dad’s arrival and so we weren’t able to go anymore. Aww! Okay, that’s it. I’m tired! Ta-ta!


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