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May 13 – We had the interpretation live fire for 170. UGH it was so frustrating!! I really had a hard time with that, and there were a lot of words I didn’t know so that added to my frustration. Rawr. Plus, my seatmate was soooo noisy! I wanted to smack that person. Boo!

PI video presentations! Continued to practice our routine for PE class. Went to the lib to meet up with my PI group mates and we talked about the answers for the oral exam. I waited for Tiff’s class to end and I was so sleepy and bored. HUHU! Good thing TJ called me up and we talked for almost an hour. Hee.

I stayed up till like 3AM studying and “working.” Pfft!

May 14 – I was so sleepy! I woke up late and so I rushed to leave the house. Got to 170 class and ate breakfast. Well, Sir didn’t show up. Wow, no more synthesis for us then! We had the oral exam for PI and it was easy for us because we had already prepared answers for all of the questions. It was a group oral exam and the question we would answer was random. Sir would be the one to choose who among us would answer the question. After that, he gave us back our exams (I got an 82/90! WOO) and then when all the groups were done with the exam, we went back to the AVR to watch other group’s videos. We were supposed to have a quiz but Sir decided to just give us the points. Pfft! I stayed up studying for that! Oh well. Hahaha!

I went to the CSA tambayan and Sheila gave me the chocolates from Japan and Korea. Heeee yummy! Then, I went to the gym to practice for our recital again. After class, I saw Abby outside the gym and we talked for a while (M! HAHA). Then, we saw Poto! He went to UP because he needed some papers from his college. I accompanied him to his department, and then to the cashier and back to the department. Then, we went to Xavierville and he withdrew money. We went to McDo because he was supposed to treat me to a vanilla milkshake but they were out of that so we ended up in Fruit Magic. I had the Kiwi Mango Frugurt. Yum. We talked about life and the future and politics and stuff. Hahaha! It was nice seeing him again! At night, I accompanied Mom to Rai Rai Ken.

May 15 – Jazz recital! I went to school at around 7:30AM and we started practicing until 10AM. The show started and we performed. We committed some mistakes but well, at least it’s over! The stage also failed because there was a time when the stage separated so there was a hole and I was right there so I just minimized my actions so I wouldn’t fall in the hole or something. LOL) TJ came to support me. Thanks Teej! Chris was also there to watch his Korean friend. I didn’t know he was going to watch. HAHA!

Teej and I went to McDo to eat lunch and then to Mini Stop for dessert.

Got home at around 1PM and took a nap. I was supposed to go to Kimbies’ house at 3:30PM but I woke up at 5! Oops! Watched the latest episodes of the shows I’m watching. Yay I’m up to date!

Oh yeah, I remember this dialogue I got from an episode of The Suite Life of Zach and Cody (?) I watched before.

Girl 1: You should help the less fortunate.
Girl 2: You’re talking about yourself aren’t you?
Girl 1: No, someone less fortunate.
Girl 2: Is that even possible?!

This is another dialogue but I can’t really remember which show it came from.

1: You in the carpentry world are very precise. We in the crafting world, we just let it happen.
2: I like the crafting world. :(

Hahaha! Okay. Ta-ta!


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