You gotta get it together. [4]


March 16 (Tuesday)

The 138 interview transcription and synthesis paper was due today so Jad and I went to NISMED to submit that to our professor. It was our first time to step foot in the NISMED Hostel. It’s a well-maintained place and it’s cozy. I wonder how much it costs to stay for the night.

The 101 final paper was also due today (or so we thought). Early in the morning, I printed the brochures (because instead of writing a paper, we decided to make it into a brochure because our topic was about museums in Spain) on fancy hard paper and then brought a long red folder to place the brochures in. Jad and I met up and she folded the brochures while I “designed” the folder. We chose 4 cities and 2 museums from each city to do our research on. I’ll post a pic later!

It was such a hot day so I decided to stay at the library and to take a nap. At around 1PM, I went to CSA to meet up with Bong. He gave me these stickers with my name on them. Awww! Paul (my high school classmate) was the one who designed them! Bong based the colors on my blog theme, thinking they were my fave colors, but they’re not. Oh well, they’re still pretty!

We had the last reporters during our 101 class. After that, Sir asked for the papers and we gave ours. He said, “Bonus!” because we were the first to submit. Nik and Jenna also submitted their papers. Turns out, the papers were really due on Thursday but if you submitted early, you have the opportunity to revise your paper after he returns them (if there are mistakes). Sir also said that he was really fascinated with our “paper” because it was the first time he received something like that. It was creative. YAY!

In the evening, I went with Mom to City Lifestyle Spa to have a body massage. Weeh!

March 17 (Wednesday)

TJ, Martha, Anela, and Karen had their company profile presentations. Sir returned our 101 final paper and our 140 company portfolio (written). We got great grades! YAYYYY!!!

Then, we had the exam for EL180. Ma’am didn’t come to class again so Sir D was the one who administered the exam. It sucked that there were some things Ma’am told us not to study anymore that appeared in the exam. Oh well, I hope I get a great grade (both in the exam, and with my final grade!)

We hung out at the stones, and then at the tindahan after. We talked and ate. After that, I went to AS to meet up with Jad. We watched Kandasmara, this Indonesian dance theater production. It was about their folktale or something. The set design, the costumes, the characters, the lighting, the sound effects, etc. were all good but I guess I didn’t really appreciate the play fully because I had no background/knowledge on the story, or the dances that they did. The few speaking parts were also in Indonesian, so I didn’t understand that as well.

Mom and Dad came to pick me up and then we ate “dinner” at this Chinese restaurant. Yum!

March 18 (Thursday)

I didn’t have class today so I just stayed home. Woke up late and then went online to watch some series. I was able to watch 2 episodes each of Gossip Girl, How I Met Your Mother, and One Tree Hill. YAY!

For dinner, Achi Barb came to pick us up and then we went to Yakimix in Tomas Morato! Sai, Achi Sarah, Ahia Shin, Diether, and Fiona were also there. It was a late birthday treat from Ahia Shin. Hee! We ate a LOOOOT and then we talked about a lot of things as well! I was amused by the “pea brain” story! HAHAHAHA! I’m also glad that I found out a lot about what’s been going on with their lives.

After dinner, they drove us back home.


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