One more time! [3]


March 5 (Friday)

The exam was shitty. Grrrrr. I spent my break at the booth again. For 140 class, we just conceptualized our portfolio and presentation. We had the teaching demos for 180.

She said something that pissed me off. I really really don’t like you. Ugh.

After class, Deo, Sancho, Alya, and I hitched a ride with Feliz to her place. First, we passed by KFC and ordered a bucket of chicken (for dinner) and then we stopped over the gas station. We met up with Jacqui and Rach and then we all went up to Feliz’ condo (very nice place!).

We ate dinner and then dressed up. I finally settled on Martha’s dress. I wanted to wear the dress I borrowed from Sarah but the people said that Martha’s dress was better. Jacqui put make-up on me, and she also lent me some accessories! Awww! Then, Jacqui, Rach, and I left for Hierarchy.

To cut the long story short, I would have to say that Overboard was good in the sense that we earned money without spending anything (except for publicity) for that, but it wasn’t good in the sense that we didn’t reach our target number of guests. Oh well!

Their goal for the night was MOMOL but they failed (except for Ara, who wasn’t really part of the people who made that goal! HAHA) Not a lot of cute/hot guys were there so it was hard for them to accomplish their goal. Although, there were 2 cute/hot guys (brown and white!) who arrived late!

Funny thing happened to me when the night was about to end (because Abby was already going home, and I was hitching a ride with him). There was this guy (let’s call him brown) who approached us at the reg booth and asked us if we had seen this guy (let’s call him maroon) who walks gay and was drunk. We told him that we had seen maroon but we didn’t know where he went. Then, this other guy (let’s call him white) also approached us and started talking to Deo and Sandy. Brown asked us what our event was about, because according to him, they were regulars there but it was the first time that they had to pay for entrance so we told him that it was an event of our org. Brown said that he is from ADMU and White said that he is from DLSU. We also found out that White and Orange (another guy) studies Spanish at Instituto Cervantes. I have to admire (and loathe? HAHA) their cockiness. They actually offered to tutor Deo or to help him out, because they think they’re already that good. They think they’re already better than him or something. Whatever.

Anyway, I left the reg booth and went to the railings because Abby was already waiting. Then, Trish suddenly approached me and she brought me back to the reg booth again. When I got there, here’s how the conversation went:

Orange (to me): Are you interested in my friend (White) because he thinks you’re really hot.
White: No no, don’t listen to what he’s saying.
Me (to Orange): Are you drunk?
Orange: No no.
White: Yeah, yeah. He’s drunk.
Orange: Do you want to invite him to your other events? (or something like that, I didn’t really hear very well)
Me: Uhh, okay, I have to go.

That’s it. Hahahahaha! Abby and I talked about a lot of things on the ride home! :)

March 6 (Saturday)

I still can’t get over what happened.

We went to Trish’s house for the alumni evaluation. We waited for around 2 hours before we finally began, because we were waiting for people. Such a waste of time! Plus, I don’t really think we achieved the goal of the evaluation because not a lot of people were there (plus the people who were supposed to be there weren’t) and there weren’t a lot of alumni there as well. We also talked about the same things over and over again. It’s already so tiring to talk about that.

Trish and I also talked about stuff. She told me that when I left the reg booth, Orange approached her and asked for my name. He said that White wanted to ask for my number (he didn’t though, and I didn’t/don’t want to be the one to ask for a guy’s number). She also updated me about other things. Aww!

Went home after that. Ladida. Okay, back to work!

Pictures to follow!


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