One more time! [2]


March 3 (Wednesday)

I went to school earlier to prepare for our production. We started at around noon (we were late!) and ended at around 1. I had 4 roles. First, I was part of the commercials (I was Villar). Next, I was a reporter (Aljo Bandido). Third, I was part of the Tatsulok movement piece, and lastly, I was part of the final piece. Whew! It was such a hot day, and we were at the Hardin ng mga Diwata. During the movement piece, we even rolled on the grass. Hahaha!

After that, I went to CSA to return the stuff to Merry. Then, I also ate lunch there and talked with Hershey. After some time, I went to EURO to make some follow-ups. I got Aloha Boardsports. We continued the game for 140. Nik and I won 3rd place in the 2nd category. Woohoo! We didn’t have class for 180 but our group discussed our lesson plan, etc.

TJ and I went to the EURO GA, where we talked about COFFS, Overboard, and the Alumni Evaluation. Then, I decided to go to Merry’s surprise thing, so I called Don, Sarah, Chris, Harrell (I basically called a lot of people to ask for a ride to Merry’s). I ended up hitching with Kester. Sarah was also there, and Merry. HAHA! So we gave Merry excuses as to why we were there. Blackout at their village, pfft! We gave her the bike! Yay. Then, we went to Yellow Cab for dinner!

March 4 (Thursday)

The night before, I slept at around 4AM because I was finishing school work. I was too lazy and sleepy to get up at 7AM so I didn’t go to my first class (PE). I woke up past 9AM, prepared and left for school. We didn’t have 138 class. We just went to the department and we got our topics for the interview. I also submitted my 137 media reactions. Someone told me that Jad and I were the only ones who were able to submit on time. That’s really weird, seeing as we’re not Speech majors. Oh well!

I went to CSA again and waited for Sarah. I borrowed some dresses for the bar event. Then, I went to the EURO booth. I was supposed to go to the lib but there was a blackout (because of that rotating blackout thing) so the lib was closed.

For 101, their topic was — ¿Por qué Juan Carlos? and I liked their discussion because it was easy to understand. Juan Carlos is the current king of Spain and that question came about because he is one of the grandsons of the previous king. The successor was supposed to be Don Juan, who is one of the sons of Alfonso XIII (the previous king) but Franco chose Juan Carlos to be the successor. They were discussing the reasons why this happened, etc.

Stayed at the booth for a while and then I went home. Studied for my exam (GRRRR!) and I did other stuff as well.


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