One more time! [1]


Another week has passed by! Time really flies by so fast! 2.5 weeks left and it’s summer! Woohoo! I’m taking summer classes but whatever.

February 28 (Sunday)

Mom and I went to St. Jude Parish to hear mass in the morning. After mass, we went back home for lunch. Then, I started working on the media reactions for 137. We watched the last episode of Almost a Love Story on GMA. For dinner, we went to Texas Roadhouse Grill to use my GCs. I wasn’t able to list down the names of the food we ate but they were all delicious!

March 1 (Monday)

Wow, March is finally here! I went to school at around 8 in the morning because we had a practice for our 121 production. We accomplished quite a few things – we were able to polish the movement piece, we were able to practice our commercial, etc.

Nik and I met for lunch. We shared jokes with Justine as well. Hahaha! Then, we went to Quezon Hall to wait for our classmates. We were required by our 138 professor to participate in the Amazing (Inter)Race by SPECA. The race was set to start at 2:30PM but it started past 3 so while waiting, our classmates and I were just sharing jokes and story. It was fun.

Finally, the race started and Jess and Rox were my teammates. This Korean guy was also our teammate. There were 7 stations, if I remember correctly. We started off at their tambayan (kubo) where we were supposed to memorize and then sing Bahay Kubo (nipa hut). Then, we went to Magdangal and looked for flaglets. Then, we went to Oble where the Korean had to eat a suman and then recite a tongue twister. The 4th station was at the Carillon where we had to play sipa. The 5th station was at the Main Library where we had to sell sampaguitas. The 6th station was at the AS steps where we had to eat balut (yes, after sooo many years, I ate balut again. Eww.) The last station was back at the lagoon. We were the last team to arrive but in the end, we won 2nd place because the race wasn’t just about speed, it was also about accuracy and they had a point system. Yay! We ate the food that our class brought and then after that, I got a phone call from Accenture telling me about this job interview. Wow!

Spur-of-the-moment dinner with Jammy, Jacqui, TJ, and Rachel at Valle Verde Country Club!

March 2 (Tuesday)

Sir P didn’t go to class because he was just coming home from Iloilo and he was tired. We sat on the mats and watched our Indakan videos again. Then, we shared stories and left.

Ma’am B was also late for class. She told us to write down 2 topics that we want to discuss for our interview with a foreigner.

We made some more marketing calls. I got Tanduay, woohoo!

TJ and Jad talked about “La modernización cultural de España.” I got sleepy, I’m sorry!

Jad and I stayed after class and practicad for our 121 production again. Zzzz, I’m so tired!


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