Guess what? [3]


Friday (February 26)

Benjamin Ho (a puppeteer and the owner of a puppet group in Singapore) went to our 121 class and talked about puppets! I enjoyed his talk because he showed us the art of puppetry. It’s not as easy as it seems and it takes a lot of practice! You also need a lot of money to make a puppet, or to stage a puppet show. He also showed us some of the finger exercises they do to prepare their fingers for a performance and I can say firsthand that it’s hard!

He took up a lot of our time though, so we were left with little time to practice for our performances. Eep. We read “Every Filipino” and then we talked about our Monday practice. I have to be in school by 7:30AM. Boo! Oh well, we all have to sacrifice.

Then, Jad and I went to NCPAG for the symposium about rice. We thought that it would start at 1 but it started at almost 2:30, so we weren’t able to hear anything anymore. We played Snakes and Ladders for our 140 recitation about impuestos. Aside from knowing the answers to the questions, you also need luck. Nik and I came in 3rd. Yay.

Lesson plan outline making for 180. Turns out we only have to focus on one topic. Hmm.

Went to the stones for a while and then went to the shed to meet up with Karla. We went to the theater and waited in line with other members of PIOneers!

We watched Elevate 10. It was my first time to watch Elevate and I must say that they’re good! I really admire the UP Pep Squad because having experienced cheerdancing, I can say that it’s hard and it takes a lot of one’s time, you need dedication, and practice. Their whole performance was emotional because they were talking about goodbyes and they were thanking all the people who have, in some way or another, helped them.

There’s this rumor going around that this is going to be the last Elevate and I really don’t know if it’s true. I hope not.

After Elevate, we went up to the stage and took pictures with our professor! He’s really good! We (I) are (am) so amazed!

Then, I met up with the gang and they walked me to the car. Dad came to pick me up. Yay!

Oh, can I just say? ______ is sooooo hot! Hahaha. Wow.

Saturday (February 27)

Today is a lazy day for me. It’s been a long time since I last had a free weekend so I took the opportunity by just bumming around. I’ll work on academic stuff later/tomorrow!

I uploaded the pictures that have been gathering dust in my files (HAHA) and I’ve also blogged. Yay!

It’s also an emotional day because I’ve been playing For Good (from Wicked) and Harbor (by Vienna Tang) over and over again. These are 2 songs that were used in last night’s performance!

Okay, ta-ta for now!

Here are some pictures! The Elevate pictures are from Karla’s FB! I hope our professor uploads the pictures from his camera so that I can post them here as well!


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