Keeping up


February 18

I got so irritated during PE because other people were ruining our routine. People who were always absent during practices, etc. I guess one’s emotions can also affect one’s performance and it’s very important when you’re dancing that your mind is clear and that nothing’s bothering you. In my opinion, at least. I say this because Sir kept telling us that our routine was still disorganized blah blah blah, I was so irritated that I forgot the next step to the routine and he asked/told me in a cold tone, “Have you not memorized the steps?” and I answered in an equally cold tone, “I have.” We stayed till 11 just practicing, but of course, a lot of people left because they still had classes. It’s a good thing we don’t have 137 classes anymore. We just have to submit our final requirements on March 4 and the subject is officially over!

Class reports for 138. The food group showed us the history and how the food that they brought were prepared. They showed us 4 food – kimchi from Korea, kebab from the Middle East, nasi goreng from Indonesia, and sushi from Japan. They also had samples and so we got to taste each dish. Yay! After that, the group of Karlo reported about the differences of Chinese and American culture. They presented it in a form of a skit and it was very funny because they had a very dorky (according to Jad) script! Hahaha. “You want to be independent?? INDIVIDUALISTIC?!?!”

I ate lunch at the stones and then went up to the room to practice our dance with Nik. Then, we reported during 101 class. We talked about the conference “La verdad de la historia enfrentada a la Memoria Histórica” by Ricardo de la Cierva. He is a historian and a politician and he is currently 80+ years old. It really took a lot of effort on our part to watch his 1 hour long conference, to transcribe it, to understand it, and then to report it to the class so that they would understand it. I’m glad that Sir liked our report though. He commended us for the effort that we put in understanding the topic and he commended us for being able to report well about it. YAY!

After class, Nik, Jad and I went to FC to get our 180 readings and then I went to the gym for cheerdance practice. When I got home, I just slept the whole night. I was supposed to wake up after around 2 hours of nap time, but my alarm clock failed me!

February 19

I woke up after around 10 hours of sleep, and then I started doing homework! I looked for pieces that we could use for our 121 performance and then I saved them in my phone. Then, Mom and I ate breakfast and I started getting ready for school. Ma’am gave us the whole period to conceptualize and to finalize our performance because it’s going to be held next week already! It’s a good thing that we will be using one of the pieces that I found as our final piece! My efforts have not been in vain.

I ate lunch at the stones again and then I practiced our dance with Nik again. We didn’t have 140 because Sir was in the hospital to have his arm checked. We hope that they remove his cast already and that he gains full use of his fingers again because he’s really frustrated about not being able to use his arm/hand. Nik and I wrote the cartas that we have to write for next meeting. Yay for productivity.

We played a game in 180 as an icebreaker. We played “cops and robbers” or simply, it’s the overhand square knot game we also used to play in scouting. Then, Ma’am discussed syllabus design and the difference between syllabus and curriculum. After class, I went to the gym for the practice again. We saw our uniforms and I liked the bottom because it was nice and it wasn’t expensive! I didn’t like the top because it was a racerback. Eep, my fats!! Oh well.

We left at around 8PM because a lot of people have left so we decided to call it a night. Karla’s driver treated us to lumpiang togue (?) and Fit N Right! Yummy.

Then, I went to Mitch’s boarding house because Metch said that they were there. Sandy was also there. We just talked about stuff and they worked on their report. We also watched the VJ Greg and the Vice Ganda videos. Funny! We left and went to Kamia because Mitch had to return a book and then we rode another jeep to Katipunan. It was almost 10PM by this time so I wasn’t able to go with them to eat dinner anymore. I went home, ate dinner, talked to TJ, Abby, and Trish, and then slept.

February 20

Things happened and I was late. I went to our cheerdance practice but not a lot of people were there and so they decided to have the practice after lunch instead. I went back to AS for our 138 report practice and then after lunch, we had the cheerdance practice. At around 2:50PM, I went up to Wilfredo Guerrero because I was going to watch Arturo Ui.

Overall, it was a good play but there were a lot of technical difficulties and there were also boring parts. I even fell asleep during 1 whole scene! HAHAHA eep.

After that, I went home. I talked to TJ, Abby, and Trish again! They’re in LB for their camping trip! After dinner, I went to sleep again!


Cheerdance practice again later. I hope Mom and I get to go to the spa tonight. We were supposed to eat dinner at Texas Roadhouse Grill because I have a GC but I’d rather have a massage. We could eat there next week! Indakan and Elevate tomorrow! I really do hope we can perform well. Or, whatever. I just really want this to be over so that I could concentrate on doing other stuff already! I feel like I’ve already neglected a lot of things. This is already eating soooo much of my time. I’m not really complaining *that much* though, because this is something that I also wanted to try doing and it’s something that’s in my bucket list. Hahaha!



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