I was so sleepy and tired last night that I wasn’t able to blog anymore. Well, lemme see.. Nothing much happened yesterday.

I was late for PE and there were a lot of people who were late so Sir sort of got mad. Therefore, I should be reallyy early tomorrow! Siiiigh. He taught us a lot of dance moves and then we practiced some stunts. 3 weeks left before Elevate/Indakan! Eep.

We presented our edited PowerPoint for 137 class. We still have final revisions to do. We’re going to do the field work part tomorrow. Rawr.

Discussion for 138 class. Better start researching for the project. Another rawr.

I went to the stones during my break and I ate lunch. Got to talk with Marielle. She was telling me about their trip to Caramoan. Cool! Sandy, TJ, Mitch, and I (and other people, I guess) are planning on joining Tour field trips because it’s cheaper! I hope we get to do that next sem. It was so hot so I decided to go to the lib for the air conditioning.

Corrido de toros report for 101. After the report, we played a game. We were soo noisy! Hahaha. Our group won! Yay, brownies! I went to the EURO GA after that. Jacqui and I made some more calls. Then, I went home after the GA.

Random thoughts:

I have found out what the “use” of flies is. Well, yesterday, they helped me avoid stepping on shit. Hee.

I’m disappointed in myself because I feel like I’ve been producing half-baked outputs.

I have to say that at the moment, I believe in the saying, “Familiarity breeds contempt.” I must have a problem.


121 class was such a waste of time. Again. We have to change our piece yet again because of new guidelines. TSS this means that we have to write another concept paper as well. Raaawr. We can’t find a piece! I tried to look for one awhile ago. I went to CAL to use the Wi-Fi (good thing I brought the laptop) but I wasn’t able to find one. Arrrgh.

Stayed at the lib again during my break because I needed to do some more research. After a while, I went to the EURO booth and then, Rach, TJ, Sandy and I went to run some errands. We went to BA, then Econ, then ADMU. Got back in UP and attended our 140 class. Nik saved our group because she made a long explanation of the homework. I was only able to do a short explanation. Hee. Sir tells us that our presentation was good because it seemed as if we really prepared, and we didn’t read as much but we still have some syntax and grammatical errors in our speech. Yes, we know.

Minor problem for 180! Turns out Jacqui and TJ both prepared for the same topic! EEEEP. We were panicking and reading quickly so that we could explain the parts that were skipped. Well, we survived. We were able to report well (in my opinon! HAHA) despite that. Whew! Oh well, I hope Ma’am liked our report.

TJ, Jacqui, and I went to the booth and then after a while, we went to the tindahan (now located on higher ground!) to buy food! TJ treated me to pancit, half-long, and C2 (better known as combo 2!) and after eating, we went home!

So many things to do. Grr.


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