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It’s funny how a lot of issues are coming out about Avatar. The recent issue is about Avatar beating Titanic’s record. According to the article, they’re questioning this because well, Avatar has/had the privilege of being shown in 3D which is more expensive than the normal screening. Therefore, it would really earn more money. Yeah, well.

Sir P taught us new steps for our routine. Then, we went back to doing stunts. I wasn’t able to do the elevator lifts today because when it would be my turn to be lifted, Sir would suddenly add something and then the rotation would start all over again. Tss. Oh well!

We had our advocacy dry run for 137. I’m going to cut some of my slides out so that it wouldn’t be that long. D’s part is veryy long! We’re gonna have to shorten that as well. We still have a lot of things to do for 137. We have to do “field work” before we actually go to the school, and then we also have to watch the chamber theater performance, and make a media reaction about it. We also have to answer the exploratory guides and have our annotated bibliographies. I don’t know what else we have to do for this class.

The last of the roots reports for 138. We have to write our reaction paper, and our roots paper. We also have to prepare and conceptualize for Bridgeways (contact Kontra Gapi!), and for the international night. That’s it so far.

I went to CAL to attend our ACLE because he woke up late ergo he was going to be late. He texted me when he got to UP but by then I was too lazy to leave CAL and go to the Sunken. I finished the lecture part and then we all went to the Sunken for the practical part of football! By this time, he’d already left. Oh well! Sandy and I didn’t join the workshop. We just stayed at the side and watched them. After the ACLE, we (Mitch, TJ, Sandy, Jammy, Jacqui) played with the ball. We tossed it around, and then we pretended that it was a volleyball, and then we took turns being a goalie and trying to block the balls. I fail. Hahaha!

I hope our physical activities plans push through! I’ve come to realize that playing sports is fun! Even if you suck at it, as long as you like the people you’re with, and as long as no one is THAT competitive, it’s all right. Those who know how to play can teach you! First activity: Badminton! Yay, I actually miss playing badminton so I hope this pushes through!

I got home and took a nap because I was so sleepy and I was so tired! I actually fell asleep in the LRT and this nice girl just tapped my shoulders when we arrived in Recto. Hee. Woke up and chatted with Nik for our 140 homework. We were both lazy and so we just talked about other stuff! Oh well, we’re winging it! I never imagined myself saying that. Okay, I’m sleepy. Ciao!


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