Busy bee!


So far, this sem has been the busiest sem that I’ve had in my whole college life. Ugh!

Anyway, to recap what happened over the past week..

Monday (January 18)

Mom and Dad dropped me off RCBC because I was going to EU with some EURO people. The others arrived and we went up to the 30th floor! The guards took our electronic devices, checked our bags via machine, and ushered us in. We updated Ambassador Macdonald and then we talked with the Press Officer Ms. Thelma about some of the Summit details. She gave us freebies! After that, Mitch Deo and I headed back to UP while Sweet and Ara went somewhere else.

Mitch and I met up with Sandy and the 3 of us ate lunch at Beach House. Then, I went to Shakey’s to meet up with Jacqui, Trish, and Jammy. We went to Trish’s house for another marketing session. We were able to call some more companies and to follow up with some other companies as well. I really hope we find some sponsors. Sigh.

After that, Trish offered us ice cream and popcorn! She also asked if we wanted to eat pancit canton and we did, so we went up to their kitchen and Jacqui cooked the instant noodles! Trish brought out some vienna sausage too! We were also able to find parmesan cheese and so we put that on top of the pancit canton. HAHA we talked about a lot of stuff too! Then, at around 6PM, we left and I went home.

Tuesday (January 19)

We were taught another way of doing the elevator lift. I fail. My fear of heights and of falling is still there and I really do not know how to eliminate it. UGH!

The internet group had their dry run. It was all right but we were just distracted with what 1 member was wearing. We could see right through her dress and it was really distracting.

We had roots reports for 138 and then comidas report for 101! I brought torrijas because since we mentioned it in our report (fiestas), Sir requested us to bring some. The comidas group also brought food for their report! They brought churros con chocolate, paella, and tortilla de patata! We had an impromptu class party! YAY! The food were delicious!!

Wednesday (January 20)

I was late for 121 so it was a good thing that Ma’am wasn’t there yet! While waiting for her to arrive, we were told to write our reactions on the class performance presentation thing we had last Friday. When she arrived, she asked for our opinions and then dismissed the class.

Jad, Nik, TJ and I stayed at the library to review for our 180 exam. Gaaaah!

For 140, we presented our company’s publicity materials and marketing strategies. Sir wants us to practice speaking, because according to him, we can already write and we most definitely can read. Bueno, voy a tratar de hablar más!

The 180 exam wasn’t that hard. I finished it early and I thought that I did fairly okay, but then I found out that I misunderstood the instructions for the 2nd part of the exam. 1 person asked about it and Ma’am told her what to do. Thank you for not telling the whole class about it. Sigh, oh well.

I had an accident. I fell and hit my knee on the floor. As I’m writing this, it still hurts. The whole knee is bruised and the center of the knee has a big wound. Boo.

Thursday (January 21)

I was planning on not going to school so that I could rest but then I had my Roots report for 138 so I went to school. I cut PE because I was too tired to get up from bed and I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to do the things we had to do for class because of my injury.

I was late for 137 class! Booo. It’s the love group’s dry run! El hombre que es el mejor amigo de Jad es socio de este grupo.

I wasn’t able to report for 138 because for some reason, this other girl was saying that it was her turn. I was pretty sure it was my turn but whatever. Tss!

Nik and Mell reported for 101. They talked about some universities in Spain. They had a question & answer portion and I was able to answer a question. I got a prize! Yummy polvoron from Laguna! The final game was a Pinoy Henyo type of game and I was able to guess the word too! I got a chocolate slice from Goldilocks. Yay! After class, Martha and I went to the stones to hang out. Shortly after, Mitch and Let arrived and we got to talking. Mitch was leaving for Singapore (left for Singapore) on Friday and we were all jealous!

I hitched a ride with Don home! It got a little scary because this motorcycle was following us. Good thing the driver stopped after a while.

I finished watching Boys Over Flowers! Weeeeeh! It’s soooo cute!

Friday (January 22)

I was late for 121 again! Good thing we didn’t really have class. We looked around for kids to attend the storytelling thing but we weren’t able to see any. We went to the Hardin ng mga Diwata and watched the storytelling thing. Kids from San Vicente were there. They were so cute!

I went to the stones after that. As usual, Kyle was being Kyle.

TJ and I accompanied him to PHan because he would be sitting in Trish’s class. I sat in TJ’s 197 class. I actually feel sorry for the people in that class because I could really see their boredom. I didn’t find it that boring though. The topic could be interesting but the reporters themselves were bored and boring, so that’s a factor.

Sandy and I ate at Katag because they/we were dismissed early. Then I went to my 140 class. We talked about banks and credit cards and stuff. Given a lot of homework again. Didn’t have 180, yay!

We went to TJ’s house to hang out. Ate revel bars and pistachio, and watched videos! At around 7PM, we went back to Katipunan to meet up with other EURO people for dinner. We ate at S.R again and then we went to Cantina. Talked and stuff. I do not like the smell of smoke, ugh!

At around 10, Mitch and I left. While we were walking, this group of dogs suddenly appeared and barked at and chased the group of guys who were walking in front of us, for no reason at all! Mitch and I got scared and so we called up TJ supposedly to ask them to accompany us because we were scared. Eventually though, we were able to pass that place because the dogs had disappeared. Whew!

I didn’t realize that it was already around 10:30PM by this time! I was the last person to enter the Katipunan station! WHEW I MADE IT! The guard told me to hurry up and so I was semi-running towards the platform. Waited for like 5 minutes before the train arrived. Mom and Dad were waiting for me at Recto station. Yay!

Saturday (January 23)

I went to school for the CSA GA. I got there late because some things happened here at home. Mom also put medicine and bandage on my injury so that took a while too.

We were supposed to have a group meeting to discuss our advocacy dry run but because my group mates are shit, the meeting didn’t push through. I don’t want to go into details anymore but to cut the long story short, I bitched at them because I’m really pissed off already. What kind of work ethics do they have?! 1 already has the status of graduating, but I don’t think she deserves that! She hasn’t been doing anything but giving us excuses. Ugh, whatever.

I went to the stones and waited. While waiting, I started doing some 137 work.

I’m losing my motivation to do academic work! BOOO.

Sandy, Abby, and Jammy arrived and we left for Cocina Juan. TJ and Trish followed after. It was sort of irritating that a lot of food on their menu wasn’t available. Tss. Then, we went to QC Circle. Turns out their CWTS thing got postponed. We went back to UP and hung out at the CHK gym.

K was there playing basketball. What a coincidence.

After hanging out at the gym for quite a while, we went to FroYo ForYo in Katipunan for dessert. It was fairly cheap (compared to the other froyo places) and I liked it. The texture of their yogurt is different from that of White Hat, or Yoh-gurt Froz though. I had blueberry yogurt topped with frosties and oreo bits.

I went home after that and took a nap. Then, we went to Jollibee Harbour Square for Mat-Mat’s birthday party! The kids were so cute! They were all playing with each other and dancing and running around! Mat-Mat doesn’t like Jollibee though! While he was opening his gifts, Jollibee (mascot) was beside him and then he said, “Go away Jollibee!!!” HAHAHA!

I took another nap when I got home and now, Nik and I are working on our 140 homework. Tomorrow afternoon I’m going to work on 137 stuff and then after that, I’m going to work on 138 and 180. I’ll also try to start with the 101 videos. UGH, so many things to do!

Sigh, at least I can cross another thing off my things-to-do list! Ciao!


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