Got myself a planner!


January 13

We have a new maid! I like this one better than the last and I hope she proves to be better! She seems jolly.

Went to school earlier than usual because we were *supposedly* practicing for our piece. That didn’t happen. Tss we ended up just talking to each other about random stuff and waiting for 11:30 so that we could go to class.

Practiced our pieces and Ma’am left us because according to her, she wasn’t going to be any help there so better just get other work done.

Ate lunch at the CSA tambayan and then went to the Educ lib to return the books I checked out. Went to our classroom after and tried to take a nap. Called IC too to ask about stuff, and well, I better ask about the other stuff. Sigh.

140 class. I am irritated at myself for not having enough confidence and for not having a very wide vocabulary to express myself in Spanish. I wanted to answer the questions Sir was asking us but I didn’t know how to. Boooo. He wants us to practice speaking because according to him, we can already write (I hope so!) and reading is simple.

180 class. Nik’s group reported. Exam next week. Eep. By the end of the month, I’m gonna be reporting once again. I have 2 reports tomorrow, 1 on Tuesday, 1 the following Tuesday, and 1 on Friday. Well, I guess college is mainly made up of exams, reports, and papers!

We hitched a ride with Feliz to Katips! Dee and I bumped into each other on the way to the LRT and we decided to stop by Mini Stop to buy ice cream! Yay! We talked until we finished eating our ice cream cones and then we separated ways (she was going to Anonas and I was going to Recto).

I took a nap after dinner and then tried to do a bit of work after I woke up. Mom and I watched BOF! Hahahaha it’s nice! Plus, the characters are all cute. I told Mom I’d buy a DVD so I’ll check that tomorrow. Yay!

Oh! The planner/journal arrived in the mail today! Weeh! It’s the same planner/journal I had last year — The “this Journal will actually change your life!!! 2009” This year, it’s “this Journal will actually change someone’s life!!! 2010”. This year’s journal is a bit bigger than last year’s. It also has more pages. This means that it’s heavier than last year’s. I do hope I can bring it with me everyday (because what’s the point of having a planner if you don’t bring it with you) because the problem I had last year was that I felt it was heavy so there were days when I’d feel lazy to bring it to school because it just adds weight to my bag!

On initial look, I can say that this year’s planner is better than last year’s. It now comes in 2 colors — black and red. I got the red one, yay! It now has doodle pages and it contains more flags in the Flag Index. Things like mood chart, strategy notes, expense chart, and quarterly checkups are still there. Random tidbits are still there, but the pictures are bigger and the colors are brighter compared to last year’s.

I don’t want to read all the tidbits now, so that there will be that element of surprise when that day comes. So, I guess I’ll have to wait and see how this journal will indeed change someone’s (it could also change mine as well!) life!

Another thing I like about this journal is that all proceeds will go to the funding of the different projects of Lifeline Foundation! Not only would you have a planner, you’d be helping out as well! You can check out their website at

Okay, I guess I better go to sleep now. I feel so bad that I wasn’t very productive today and I keep on procrastinating. Pfft!


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