The next day.


January 2 we went back to Makati Shang and we played with the kids again. Shoti really likes me, yay! He runs to me when he sees me and he sits on my lap! Got episodes of TV shows and some movies from Ahia JR. After that, I went to the pool area again to watch the kids!

Then, we went to Glorietta to walk around. Mom and I bought a new pair of shoes! Heeled shoes, I might add! Parents want me to start wearing heels because according to them, I keep wearing flats and it’s not good. Pfft!

Pizza Hut for dinner! Cheesy pops! Yay!

January 3 Sai’s house! Achi Barb got food poisoning or something. She had to go to the hospital. Mom and I went to hear mass.

Nik and I did our 140 homework last night! I also worked on my 101 report! Slept at 4AM! Woke up today at 12NN and did some more stuff. Finally worked on my Roots project. I know it’s not that good but whatever. I still hope Ma’am will get satisfied with that.

Ugh, back to school tomorrow! I’m finally up to date with my TV shows again! Yay!


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27 years old | Chinese-Filipino | University of the Philippines Diliman | BA European Languages (Spanish major, Speech Communication minor) 2011 | National Chengchi University | MA International Development | Currently working in the logistics industry Gotta live like you're dying ♥ Believe in yourself and don't be afraid to seize opportunities Stay positive

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