Project 50Leaves!


I’m not really formally joining this project but I thought I’d try to do it as well. It’s a project by, who is T’s friend!

Since I’ve recently started keeping a list of the books I’ve read and the movies I’ve watched, I decided to do this too! Haha. My goal actually is to read 1 book per month but this is also all right, I guess. Here goes:


About Therese

28 years old | Chinese-Filipina | University of the Philippines Diliman - BA European Languages (Spanish major, Speech Communication minor) 2011 | National Chengchi University - MA International Development | Working in the freight forwarding/logistics industry Learning to believe in myself more and not being afraid to seize opportunities ♥

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  1. mwahahahahahahaha bwisit :))

    pero alam mo, i’m sort of looking forward to summer. i mean oo nga hindi makakarest and stuff pero pwede pa rin naman kahit papano i guess. haha! and wala lang gusto ko lang na talaga matapos ang sem na to! haha :))

    bisitahin mo ko paminsan sa summer class =))


  2. haha oo naman nh! sana tlga matapos na tong sem haha

    shoooooor. sit in ako, since parang never ko maeexperience na maging kaklase ka. haha sabihin mo skn boring classes mo wahaha


  3. ooh hi don :D hahaha. yeah, okok lang naman siya, although ang ikli, parang bitin. you could prolly finish it in one reading! we also have the vcd (LOL ang luma na niya!) nung movie. i’ll prolly watch it one of these days tingnan ko :D

    and oh, i’m currently reading to kill a mockingbird ah. teehee :>


    • Hahaha aww! Di bale, tingnan mo naman yun mga dates, parang last basa ko last month pa! :)) Hahaha! And di naman like you na super deep stuff ang binabasa mo! :D / start reading na! Hahaha :))


        • haha yeah! instead of being a delinquent v! :)) oo kaya! akin more of chic(k) lit eh! hihi, with exceptions of some “deep stuff” like To Kill A Mockingbird HAHA kailangan diverse :))


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