A EURO week!


It’s the start of another week!

Last week..

I dropped by the EURO sign-up booth everyday. I’ve really been enjoying spending time with EURO people.

We talked about some economic terms for Span 140 last Wednesday. It’s hard to explain things in Spanish. For example, the word “valor” could mean shares, or stocks. “Inmovilizado” is frozen assets. How do I explain that in Spanish? Anyway.

We also had a EURO GA this week. Lots of activities coming up! We have yet to market, eep.

On Thursday, I only had PE and Span 101. I first went to the CSA tambayan and talked with Sheila, Dee, Ainna, and Chris. Dee brought nachos for us. Yay! Then, I hung around the EURO booth and it was fun because TJ and Gem competed against each other in drawing. Then, Gem competed with Marielle! Haha. Gem won against them! Marielle and I also talked about stuff! Yiheeeee.

Mom brought home Toffee Nut frap and caramel Belgian waffle from Starbucks! Yummy! After eating, drinking, and talking with each other, I went back to doing my 180 report.

We’ve been practicing for our 121 class performance for CAL week. The performance is going to be on Friday. On Wednesday and Thursday, we’re going to have practice from 5PM to around 7PM. Eck.

I dropped by CSA to give Dee and Donna the money. Dee bought coffee bun for me. She brought PopTarts for me but Sheila ate it, so she bought coffee bun for me instead. Aww!

Report for 180. I don’t know if our report was good, but whatever.

Spontaneous outing with some EURO people. We decided to go to the German Christmas bazaar to check it out. We saw Reine and Jedd there. I also saw Zhan and Anne. After that, we ate dinner at Wok Dis Way where we waited for around an hour before our food arrived. We didn’t notice the time because we were all talking with one another. After that, we went to Cantina. I was supposed to go home at around 9:30 PM because I was only commuting but then I decided to text Pen and I found out that he would be going home at 11 PM. Perfect! I stayed around and I’m glad I did because it was fun.

They played I’ve Never and I watched them. I didn’t want to drink beer so I didn’t join in. Sandy and I also got to talk with one another. I also got to talk with TJ. Hee.

CSA acquaintance party last Saturday. It was all right. The program went smoothly and the games were fun! I do hope this batch of applicants would also be okay. Hung out with Hershey, Dee, Sheila, Ainna, Don, Chris, Harroun after the party. The other people practiced for caroling. I hitched with Harrell to Retiro and then commuted home!

I went with Mom to SM yesterday. I bought the clearbook that we needed for 121 while Mom paid the bills. Then we went grocery shopping and then ate shawarma. We made tacos for dinner! Yummy.

Lalala. I’m sleepy. Okay, I’ll finish writing this paper. I still have to go to school tomorrow for this talk that we have to attend for Speech 137. Pfft! I also have to go to DOH in the morning and I have to return the books I borrowed from the lib! Ciao!


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