3rd week!


I can’t believe that it’s just the 3rd week of school. It feels as if we’ve been back to school for more than a month now, because of all the things we’ve been doing!

We had the CSA GA and TBS last Saturday (Nov. 21). Then, I attended UP SPECA’s Speech Cup for 121 class. I went to school on Monday (Nov. 23) for our 137 meeting and preparations for our panel discussion the following day.

Tuesday (Nov. 24) we had the panel discussion and it was all right, I guess. Ma’am said that she liked our discussion because we had sources. She also liked our topic, I think. At night, I accompanied Mom to Wack Wack for Natrapharm’s early Christmas party. Arnel Pineda was the guest entertainer. Too bad he didn’t sing any Journey songs, and I later found out that he couldn’t sing Journey songs without the band. I thought the band onstage that night was Journey. HAHA!

We had the critiquing of our presentation for 121. Ma’am said that she sees potential in me, but I just have to overcome my shyness. I have to move more and to vary my voice as well. Yay, I will really work hard for this class!

I watched Maria Stuart last Thursday for 137 class. I liked the actress who played Maria. The play was nice, although there were a lot of boring parts and I didn’t understand some of the things they were saying because the play was in Filipino. I was fetched by Mom and Dad because the play ended at 10 PM and I didn’t know how I would be able to get home.

We did some basic lifts and hand movements for Cheerdancing class. We were also taught to do the handstand and the cartwheel. I now know (but cannot do HAHA) the front roll, back roll, handstand, cartwheel. Well, I hope to be able to do these by the end of the sem. My body aches always aches after class and it doesn’t have time to recover for the next meeting. Well.

Summit meeting and 137 meeting as well.

Yesterday, we sat in Sir D’s 30-31 class because he told us to. He was telling his class how we were his favorite class and how we were all very good. Eep. We played a game (Taboo) too! The “old” people versus the “young” people. It was a tie!

Sir R liked our organizational structure/chart for 140! Yay!

Brainstorming with Jax and Trish after class! I like our concept because it sounds fun, but I do hope we’ll be able to pull it off and that we get sponsors! Yayyyy!

At night, I went with Mom to Crowne Plaza for the product launch of MeroMax and Silgram. Richard Poon was the guest entertainer and the host was Mojo Jojo (30 lbs. lighter!)

We won a Globe Tattoo. Yay! I don’t know how that works though. I wish we could’ve won the iTouch or the laptop though, but it’s all right!

Okay going back to doing research. Lots of reports to research for!


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