First Week!


This week has been pretty crazy and I’m sure the weeks to come will be even more crazy! After being back to school for a week, I now have around 300 pages worth of readings to read (the first wave), 6 papers to write, and 2 presentations to practice for. Wow. Class summaries!

Cheerdancing class seems fun, because I’ll be learning how to do stunts like cartwheel, front roll, back roll, etc. and I’ll also learn how to do lifts (be lifted? Eep.) but at the same time, it’s a requirement-heavy class. We have a practical exam where we have to create our own routine, we have to participate in the Indakan (where different PE classes will also be performing), and we have to watch stuff (Elevate, Follies, Skechers, etc.)

I still do not know what to expect for my 137 class because our professor hasn’t given us our requirements yet. We have a group presentation for next meeting though.

138 seems fun, and it looks like I’m going to learn a lot from it. Plus, our professor’s traditional in the sense that she doesn’t give out high grades easily. She wants you to work hard for your grade. We’re also the last class she’s going to teach because after this sem, she’s going on sabbatical for a year. This is why we have a lot of requirements (tracing your roots, cultural night, food festival, exams, etc.)

101 is the continuation of 100. Lots of readings, oral and written exam, report, paper, etc. I hope it’s going to be more interesting than 100, since we’re starting with the 19th century.

121 is going to be a challenging subject for me, because we have a lot of presentations. I have to gain self-confidence! We also have to write analysis papers about our pieces, and we have exams and class projects. Woo!

140 is another fun, but requirement-heavy subject. We were paired off and for the sem, we have to create a business. Our first requirements were to create the company (with description), create a logo, write to a newspaper advertising our job vacancies, the ad itself, and writing 2 CV’s (a serious one, and a funny one).

180 is reading-heavy! We have a tooooon of readings for this class! The professor seems nice, but I guess I haven’t warmed up to her yet. Her husband became our professor before and we really had fun and learned a lot from him. I hope to also learn a lot in this class. We have teaching demos, exams, syllabus and lesson plan making, etc.

That’s the summary of my classes this semester!

We spent Friday the 13th at CMGG’s house for her birthday celebration! Ate a lot, played rockband, sang KTV, drank a bottle of Tanduay Ice, took pictures, talked with people. It was fun to be with my EURO orgmates! The party was the calm before the storm. I shall focus on my acads and orgs and I shall try to lessen my hours on the internet! Oh yeah, I want to thank Don for picking me up! Thanks!

We start marketing next week! I’m the marketing head for the Summit, and it’s scary. We’re also going to market for our next bar event. Woo, wish us luck!

This is getting long so I’ll stop here! Ciao!


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