It’s November! Christmas is just around the corner! My birthday is also coming up soon. I can’t believe that another year has passed again! Time really flies by so fast.

I’ve been busy lately, and so I haven’t been able to update my blog!

November 1 – I woke up around lunch time and Mom wouldn’t let me eat brunch anymore, because Dad was coming home to pick us up. We would be eating lunch at Saisaki with Dad’s friends from Hong Kong. Lunch buffet! I was sooo full after! Dad had to do some stuff with them, and then bring them to the airport, so Mom and I went to RP to walk around. We heard mass, and then I bought froyo from White Hat. Yay! We also bought a pair of shoes from Naturalizer. They’re cute! We also passed by the Buy 1 Take 1 book place, and I bought a book! I hope it’s good!  Dad picked us up after a couple of hours, and we went home.

November 3 – I went to school for the Memcomm meeting. I set the meeting at 10 AM so that people could start with their registration beforehand. I went to school early to get my Form 5A. I was supposed to get advised after getting my 5A, but the bitch arrived, and I lost my chance to be advised! Boo. Oh well!

I then went to the tambayan for the meeting. We waited for people and started the meeting. Talked about the 2nd semester app process and induction. Whew! We accomplished a lot today. I hitched a ride with Don home!

November 4 – It’s registration time once again! I hitched a ride with Kimbies to school. We arrived at around 8AM and I went to CAL to line up for pre-advising. Someone arrived at 9:30AM and started setting up. An adviser arrived minutes after that. Tss! I was supposed to prerog for EL 197 but the class was full!

I then decided to go to DSCTA to prerog for Speech 160 but the class was also full. I didn’t want to wait until 2PM to see if they would open more slots for those classes. I was also supposed to go to the gym to see if I could change my PE, but people told me that there was a long line at the gym and my chances of finding a replacement was slim to none so I decided to just settle for the subjects I got during pre-enlistment. I went to post-advising and then to the lib to get clearance, then to CAL 101 for validation and assessment. Oh well!

I ate lunch with Mitch and we also talked about stuff! I didn’t see her much last sem and during sembreak so we had a lot to talk about. She went back to the department to wait for slots, because she needed the classes, and I hung around CAL with Henry. We talked about stuff as well! Haha, we’re going to be classmates again this semester. I was telling him how I didn’t want him to be my classmate because he’s sooo good! I feel so inferior. HAHA!

After that, I got my Form 5 from CAL 101 and decided to go home! I heard that permission to overbook the classes was given at around 3 or 4PM. I didn’t want to wait that long! I was so sleepy on the way home so when I got home, I took a nap!

Christian texted me at around 7PM, telling me to get ready and that he’ll pick me up at 8 to eat at King One. I told him that I’d already finished eating and that I didn’t have extra money to spend! He called me up and persuaded me to go. They picked me up and we went to King One. I didn’t eat anymore, so I just watched them eat. Boo!

After that, they were so full so we all decided to walk around. We went to San Miguel by the Bay and walked, and played at the exercise area! Then, we went to Starbucks and then we went home! It was also a fun night!

November 5 – I told myself that this day was going to be my rest day! I woke up around lunchtime and ate brunch. After that, I played PVZ! Yay!

It’s Aileen’s (my best friend) birthday today! I greeted her (she’s currently in France for JTA) and we chatted! It’s been a while since we last talked, and it felt nice to talk with her.



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28 years old | Chinese-Filipina | University of the Philippines Diliman - BA European Languages (Spanish major, Speech Communication minor) 2011 | National Chengchi University - MA International Development | Working in the freight forwarding/logistics industry Learning to believe in myself more and not being afraid to seize opportunities ♥

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