Flavors of Spain 2009!


We had the Speech130 exam today. Ugh, I don’t know how I did. I forgot a lot of names, and information! I just hope I get a grade above 2.0. HAHA

I was wearing a corporate skirt and heels because I was going to Makati for the Flavors of Spain 2009. H (my happy crush HAHA!) saw me and said, “WOOOOW.” Awkwaaard. That made me laugh though!

Instead of Span80, we had Span60 today because we were behind schedule. Classmates from Span60 were supposed to come but they weren’t there so in the end, the people who were present were the same people for Span80. Oh well. We checked our letters. I left at around 3:40PM because the event would start at 4PM and I didn’t want to be VERY late. My feet got wounded because of the heels because it was the first time I wore it. OUCH.

I got off at Ayala and walked around to find a cab. Eventually, a guard told me that I could just ride a jeep and that it would pass by the Philam tower. Yay! I got there and met up with Len.

The food was delicious! It was also my first time to eat some of the food that was served! Authentic Spanish food, yo!

After the sit-down meal, it was time for cocktails. There was a continuous supply of food all throughout the night! Yummy. We watched a flamenco performance by Clara Ramona and her students (she was also our speaker at our last ACLE, cool!) and I must say that it was a very powerful performance! Wow. I especially liked the part where she used castanets! That was so amazing!

Then, some people spoke and there was also a raffle but you had to have a business card to be able to join. I didn’t have one. Note to self: Always carry around business cards. HAHA!

A lot of people went to the event! Lots of important people, I might add! I saw the director of Instituto Cervantes, and other Spanish people. I also heard that there were also people from the other embassies, and people from the press!

We were given a goodie bag which contained pasta, yogurt, candy, etc. Yay! I hitched a ride with Len to Katipunan and then I rode the LRT home. Dad picked me up at Recto. Awww!

I want to thank Bong for telling me about it and Fuego Hotels for hosting the event!

Pictures from Azrael (http://popazrael.multiply.com/) and Len (http://ienne17.multiply.com/)


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