I’m too lazy to blog about the week that my cousins came here so if you can read Chinese (which I know you all, or most of you, can do, here’s a link to my cousin’s blog!) Haha she blogged about the basic things that happened, so, yeah.

I woke up really early yesterday (Saturday) morning for the EUrace! I was praying that my dysmenorrhea wouldn’t kick in so that I could participate in the race. I arrived in UP at around 7:20 AM. It was supposed to start at 7:30 but well, it didn’t. It started at around 9 AM already. Tss!

TJ and Bea formed an alliance with Feliz and I. Woo! They were a competitive bunch!

First stop: Faculty Center. Task: Decipher the message in the paper. Example (52nd, 3080). That means, you’d have to go to that room and count the 52nd letter from the plaques on the door! We spent a long time there! HAHA the message was long! When we had deciphered it, we all ran to the jeep stop to go to the next stop! Deo and his buddy, Jammy, Sandy, and Tuesday rode on the jeep as well! Pfft!

Second stop: Marikina Sports Complex. Task: Arrange the picture and guess where it is located and then decipher the butt spelled message. Haha! We rode a cab to get to the next station because we were told that the earlier team also rode a cab. I guess it would’ve been more fun/tiring if we weren’t allowed to ride a cab, like in the past EUraces. Oh well!

Third stop: QC Circle. Task: Beg for P10 per group from the people who were there. Hahaha! While we were on our way to the exit of the circle, we saw Trish and Miko’s group entering and so we started running, and they started running as well! We found another cab (an FX this time) going to our next stop!

Fourth stop: TriNoMa. Task: Ask for the paper from the 3rd floor concierge. We deciphered the message and went to the next stop! We rode the MRT going there, and we cut in line (I asked the lady if we could cut in line because we were participating in a race! Good thing she agreed) to buy a ticket!

Fifth stop: Mall of Asia. Task: Sing and dance Careless Whisper at the karaoke in Timezone. After that, we got our next clue so we ran out of the mall to the bus stop, supposedly. We couldn’t find it so we decided to ride a cab instead. We met Trish and Miko’s group again! HAHA they were just about to enter the mall!

Sixth stop: RCBC Plaza, Makati. Task: Imitate the pose of the sculpture and have a picture taken. We took lots of pictures because we were the first team to arrive and then we yielded Karla’s group (because we thought that they were our competition, we’re sorry!) We rode a cab again going to the MRT station and then rode the MRT going to the next stop. It took a long time for the train to arrive (and I think this is where we lost a lot of time). We even bought juice to drink when we reached the MRT station, because we were all so tired and thirsty! We also thought that we were the first group and so we didn’t hurry that much!

Seventh stop: Araneta Coliseum. Sandy’s group was about to leave when we got there! OH NO! Task: Look for 3 stars – white, yellow, and blue, located around the dome. After that, we decided to ride a cab again to the next stop!

Eighth stop: UP-Ayala Technohub. By this time, the sky was darkening and it looked as if it was about to rain. Task: Solve the puzzle. Sandy’s group beat us again! They left before we did! PFFT! They even got a cab and we didn’t! First, we rode a jeep to the overpass and then we crossed to the other side and then hailed a cab going to UP!

Ninth (and last) stop: Carillon Tower (UPD). It was raining real hard by this time! There was grass surrounding the carillon and we ran in the grass and the puddles! My rubber shoes and socks and pants were all drenched in water! Eww. The people who were supposed to be posts for this stop weren’t there and so the 3 [groups] of us waited. Task: Fill in the blanks of the EURO song. I didn’t know the lyrics of the song, so that sucked. HAHA! Sandy and TJ’s group both got 1 mistake, so they tied for 1st place, and we got 2 mistakes, so we got 2nd place. WOOOOOOOOOOO! It’s my first time to place in a race! I/my group usually loses because well, I suck. HAHAHA!

After that, Bea, Tuesday, Feliz, and I went to LB for lunch, only to find out that it was closed. Pfft! We ate at Rodic’s (in SC) instead! TJ went to watch the volleyball game! Went home after. Took a bath and then watched Confessions of a Shopaholic!

Then, Christian and Kimbies came to pick me up. We also picked up Matt from SM. Went to RP to meet up with Lorraine and Kats. We even saw the softball people there, ooh. Ate dinner at Karate Kid and then watched The Time Traveler’s Wife. We were supposed to watch Up but then Kimbies and Kats have already watched it. BOO!

We didn’t really like the movie. It would’ve been better if we’d watched Up. Oh well! Took pictures after and then went home!

There was this prostitute who was walking towards us (and calling us) when we were about to drop Kats and Matt off. Eek, scary.

Stayed in the car for a while because Christian wanted to talk. After the talk, I realized that I didn’t want to talk about hopes and dreams and aspirations and goals and beliefs and views, etc etc, with people anymore. It’s either you have the same ones or you have totally different ones. If you have different ones, it’s such a hassle to have to explain yourself. Hahaha!

Went home and slept!

I’ll post some pictures when other people have posted them!


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