Star City!


We were supposed to go to Tagaytay after lunch but Don picked me up around 2 already. He was already with Merry and then we picked Charles up! After that, we went to Ainna’s house. My gosh, her house is soooo far! She always says it isn’t but after spending 2 hours on the road just to get to her house, I say it is. Last time, we also spent around this much time on the road just to get to her house from our house. Anyway.

I got a bit pissed when we got there because she didn’t want us to go inside her house. We were tired from the trip and it was hot inside Don’s car because the A/C was broken or something. She didn’t want to give us water or what and she was saying things like why she had to serve us. Tss. She didn’t even want to turn on the A/C for us but when she comes around, I turn the A/C on for her. I mean, I don’t know. It’s just what you do to visitors, right? Whatever.

Things became better eventually! We finally decided to just go to Star City. Paid 300php for entrance and then proceeded to riding the rides! Ainna, Charles, and I rode everything! Don gave up after the 3rd ride (Viking — Star City’s version of EK’s Anchors Away), and Merry gave up after the 5th ride (Surf Dance)!

It was my first time to ride a ride which makes 360 degree loops! Cool. HAHAHA! When we first rode the Star Flyer, Merry and I were really scared because we’ve never ridden a ride like that. One of the guys there was even flirting with us. Haha tsk! It all happened so quickly! In an instant, the ride was finished! Woo.

We also rode the Surf Dance and we were shocked at what it was able to do! Haha we didn’t expect anything like it! You were tossed from side to side and the ride would almost do a 360! We even saw KC Concepcion while we were waiting in line. She was there for a shoot or something.

Ainna, Charles, and I rode the Galactic, which also made 360 loops! Hahaha. Merry didn’t ride with us because she was feeling dizzy by this time. It’s so funny that I’m the one who has vertigo (clinically diagnosed HAHA) and yet I was the one who got to ride all the rides with Ainna and Charles. Didn’t go to the horror house though, because I didn’t want to!

We also rode the Flying Carpet, which initially scared me but when I rode it, it was nothing already because I’d already ridden the 360 rides and stuff! Haha! The Zykloon Loop was cool! It was like lying on a spinning bed. I didn’t know it would be like that. Centrifugal force, according to Charles. Cool!

We also went to the Peter Pan attraction, which was also amusing. They had UV lights and our footwear glowed! Haha! Money also glowed. It was so cool! Look at the pictures!

We ate dinner at Kenny Rogers’, walked around, rode a few more rides, and then went home!

Yay, fun day! Next up, Enchanted Kingdom! HAHAHA!


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