Down and up!


I hitched a ride with Don to school. I was supposed to have 3 meetings before class — PD meeting, Fin meeting, and 130 meeting. All these were canceled. Tss.

I just stayed at the lib and did my homework.

By 2:30, I went to my Span 80 class. It was fun! Haha we discussed more poems today! It’s funny how I think I’m one of the few people who’s enjoying our class! I mean, there are 8 of us. Jad, Nic, Mell, Sleg and Daisy do not like this class. Jace(?) and Karen(?) probably like it but I wouldn’t know since I don’t really get to talk to them. Hahaha!

We discussed 2 poems by Gustavo Adolfó Bécquer — Asomaba a sus ojos una lágrima and Rima XIII, and a poem by Santa Teresa de Jesus — Nada te turbe. I’m going to share the first poem to you guys.

Asomaba a sus ojos una lágrima…

Asomaba a sus ojos una lágrima
y a mis labios una frase de perdón…
habló el orgullo y se enjugó su llanto,
y la frase en mis labios expiró.

Yo voy por un camino, ella por otro;
pero al pensar en nuestro mutuo amor,
yo digo aún: “¿Por qué callé aquél día?”
y ella dirá: “¿Por qué no lloré yo?”

This talks about the separation of a couple because of their pride. Umm, I don’t really know how to explain it. The guy wanted to say sorry but he didn’t and the girl wanted to cry but she didn’t. They separated ways and then when they saw each other again, the guy asked why he didn’t say anything that day and the girl asked why didn’t she cry, something like that. Haha!

After class, I hitched a ride home with Don.

Eww, Wormy did it again! EWWWWW save us please.


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