I’m really looking forward to this year, academics wise! Even if our subjects are going to be harder, I can’t help but feel excited. I’m having fun! So far, I’m enjoying our Span 80 class. We’re analyzing poems and it’s fun to listen to the interpretation of the poem, and learn that I have a different interpretation with the one our teacher has.

They say that everyone can have a different take on a poem and I believe that but oh well, maybe the people who teach poetry are friends with the poets! HAHAHA. I remember my English teacher back in high school. My interpretations were always different from hers and of course, when it comes to quizzes, you’d have to use hers. Haha, well.

I also like my group mates in Speech 130. They’re both Speech Comm majors and they’re both responsible, which is good. I mean, one girl even said that we should start working on our report even if our report is not until August because according to her, she hates cramming. Haha!

It was sooooo hot today! I went to the lib to meet up with my 130 group mates to finalize our outline. After that, we went to Prof Antee’s office to submit it. She liked it. Yay! Next thing to do is to actually research about the topics in our outline.

I went to the stones after that to hang out with some Euro people.

Span 80 was fun. We discussed 2 poems — Romance del Conde Arnaldos and Elegía a Ramón Sije. It’s funny because Sir Rufes was asking us about the first poem and no one understood it. I gave him my own interpretation and well, it was ‘wrong’. Eventually, he told us the meaning of the poem and I was really surprised and amused that the poem was a religious one. HAHA! It talks about Jesus and about how you have to leave everything to follow him, something like that.

The 2nd poem was really nice. The writer is good at conjuring up images. Sir even said that the language of poetry (in this case), is to use images to intensify the meaning of the poem. Each verse should contain images. I’m going to share 3 verses from the poem.

No perdono a la muerte enamorada,
no perdono a la vida desatenta,
no perdono a la tierra ni a la nada.

This verse talks of celos (jealousy).

En mis manos levanto una tormenta
de piedras, rayos y hachas estridentes
sedienta de catástrofe y hambrienta

After jealousy, this verse talks of venganza (vengeance).

Quiero escarbar la tierra con los dientes,
quero apartar la tierra parte
a parte a dentelladas secas y calientes.

Finally, this verse talks of desperación (desperation). Cool, no?

Anyway, after class, I hitched a ride with Don home! Yay!

Accompanied Mom to Terriyaki Boy Banawe for an RTD again. So full! I borrowed D’s laptop and used TBoy’s WiFi! Haha. D calls me his “best friend” and he calls Mom his “Mommy”! HAHAHA very funny!


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