Poker Face!


Thursday (May28)

Went to UP to meet up with some E people. Wore my new shoes, but the right shoe broke! SNIFF!

We went to the chapel to buy a mass card but they didn’t have one and we found out that SC sells mass cards so M and R went there to buy one! We stayed at the chapel to rest and to talk. HAHA!

Went to St. Peter’s Memorial after to visit C at her father’s wake. Aww! :(

Stayed for about an hour and then went to Jollibee to eat. MS and I rode a jeep home. Got lost for a while! Haha finally got home and watched TV for a while. Went to SM San Lazaro (Rai Rai Ken) for dinner! MS got sick for a while so we stayed at the rest room. HAHA!

Back home! TV, internet, eat, talk talk talk. Lalala!

Friday (May 29)

Woke up around 9 AM but was still sleepy so went back to sleep! Woke up around noon. We ate lunch and talked some more and then I taught her how to get to the LRT station and she was off! Haha.

I decided to organize my handouts so I could have them bound already. That’s all I did today! Haha!

Saturday (May 30)

Mom drove me to 168 so I could have the shoes replaced but they didn’t want to replace it because I’d already worn it. Once. Pfft! GRR! Oh well.

I then went to the hospital and waited for Mom to finish. I went to the Med Dept. to use the internet and then went to the clinic next to Mom’s to lie down after. So bored!

Went home and went online for a while.

T: Shopping is trial and error. PFFT!

Edit. (10:50 PM)

Went to K’s 1st birthday party! He’s so cute!! I’ll post the pictures at my Multiply soon!

The venue was so far though — all the way in Libis!

Theme was Cowboy! Haha. They had ice cream and cotton candy and face painting and bubble show and games! So cute!

Mom dropped me home after and she went out! Pfft.



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