Stayed at home today and watched Numb3rs. Yay! Hahaha so fun.

At night, Mom, Sai and I went to PICC for the anniversary of Amvasc, a medicine for hypertension. Ooh. Haha! Entertainers were Randy Santiago and Ai Ai Delas Alas (how do you spell her last name? Hmm). Didn’t like Randy’s set that much because I’m not familiar with his songs. Ai Ai was funny but Mom didn’t like it that much. Haha!

They also gave away a book about 12 little steps you could do to be a good Filipino, or something like that. Building the Philippines? I’m not sure. HAHA! I’m too lazy to get the book.

I sort of feel bad for Hayden Kho. I mean, yes he made some mistakes but why ridicule him? Everyone was making fun of him and making jokes at his expense. Ai Ai and Randy were even doing the whole dance thing, with matching music. I feel bad for his family too.

Mom is friends with his dad and some people are telling Mom that his dad keeps to himself. He locks himself up in his clinic and people keep on talking about his son, and maybe about him as well. Why let the family suffer? Sigh.

You let your son study through med school and this is what you get. I mean, his son is going to stop practicing medicine, right? All those years for nothing.

The issue is getting wayyy out of hand. I even heard this guy (in the streets) telling this girl: Dance Katrina dance.

WTF right.


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