Sabado y Domingo


Saturday (May 16)

I saw a Starbucks planner at home. Haha! Turns out Mom’s patient gave it to her. Since Mom isn’t really a planner type of person, I took it. HAHAHA!

I went to McDo Katips for the PD meeting. I got there at around 8:50 AM and I had to wait around half an hour more before the other people arrived and then some more waiting before the actual meeting started. Our head wasn’t there again so we couldn’t really do anything. Pfft. I left the meeting early to go to Loyola Condominium for the ER meeting. I walked from McDo to KFC! Ugh! Haha.

On the way, I even met this Jeepney magazine vendor and the price of the magazine was too expensive for me so I just gave him a donation of 20php. Photoshop training. Hmm, was sort of useless since I didn’t have Photoshop in this laptop. I told J beforehand that I would be bringing a Mac (so that she would bring a Mac compatible program) but unfortunately, it slipped her mind or something. That means, bringing/carrying around this laptop (which is very heavy!) was useless! Grrr. After that, we ate lunch at KFC and then went back to the condo. But then, I had to go home already so I left. Walked from the condo back to the LRT station. So far! Plus, it was around 1 PM then so it was SOOO hot. GRRR!

Got home and waited for Mom. Ate another lunch! HAHA. Sai brought salmon. Yummy! The med rep was late. GRR! Stupid. Finally, when they arrived, we left for Tagaytay!

Stopover at the gas station. We ate at Dulcinea. I ordered the Tray Couture thing. Amelie. It was very filling. Haha!

Hacienda Isabella was a little hard to find because there weren’t really a lot of signs and it was hidden in a very deep place. Lol. We got there at around 7 PM, settled in and went to dinner. Ate and played games! Mom and I won chips and chocolates! Yay HAHA.

Sunday (May 17)

We ate breakfast, toured the place, had a massage, packed our stuff and headed home. Ate lunch at Josephine Restaurant. Also passed by Rowena’s for pasalubong.

There’s really not much to do in Hacienda Isabella. There aren’t a lot of amenities and the pool was right under the sun, and I didn’t want to burn that much. HAHA! There’s no WiFi (well Mom was the one looking for this PFFT), no networks (Globe, Sun, Smart), nothing. The masseuses (?) were just brought there by the company too! Anyway, as Mom and Sai said, at least we got to experience the place.

Got home at around 4-5 PM and rested. Went out again at around 6:30 PM for dinner. We went to CBTL Midtown because we still had a GC and it would expire tomorrow. We ordered Spicy Tuna Linguine, Roast Beef Sandwich, Lasagna, Caramel Ice Blended Coffee, Cafe Latte, and Matcha Green Tea. So full! We drove Sai home and then went home too!

L-R: Starbucks planner, Amelie Tray Couture thing, our prizes (chips and chocolates!), and CBTL food!


Things are changing. Oh well. You should get used to it.

I gained weight! HAHAHA all these eating has taken its toll. LOL! Oh well, yum yum!


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