HAHAHA! K texted me last night about getting S! Ha! The nerve of that guy.

Sir L told us about his life. He didn’t reach the part where he tells the class that he has a kid though. Boo. We had the exam after. Gaaaah, I really hope I get an uno in this class! Sigh.

Chem report! It was all right, I guess! Haha. Our topic was L-carnitine. It’s interesting actually. Did you know that L-carnitine is naturally produced by our body and that a deficiency is rare because there are a lot of food sources like meat etc. If you don’t have a deficiency and you take in more L-carnitine, it would be useless because you would just excrete the excess. L-carnitine transports fatty acids/triglycerides (? HAHA) into the mitochondria to be converted into energy. It is the only one that can do this!

We also talked about the drinks that say they have L-carnitine (Fit N Right, Fab) and well, they’re not really effective. Fit N Right doesn’t contain pure L-carnitine. It also contains D-carnitine (which is bad because it “hinders” the L-carnitine from doing its job). Fab on the other hand, contains pure L-carnitine.

If you have a deficiency, you’d need around 1-3 grams of L-carnitine in a day and these juice drinks only have 300 mg of L-carnitine, which would mean that you’d have to drink around 3-4 bottles in a day! Plus, it’s veryyyy sweet because the taste of pure L-carnitine is bitter so they’d have to put in a lot of sugar! You’d have diabetes! HAHA.

Next group reported about glutathione! It actually has 3 major roles in our body — antioxidant (it is considered the master antioxidant of our body), immune booster, and detoxifier. The skin whitening is just a side effect! Haha.

Went to the tambayan for a while after class. Then, I met up with MS. We went to CASAA to eat lunch! Then, I accompanied her to PHAn for her class. I went home after that and took a nap!

Went to Katre for dinner! Yummy food but each dish had rice. HAHA! I guess that’s Mediterranean food? I don’t know. Pandan tea and carrot cake too! Went to P’s party after that! Was supposed to stay and then get fetched by Mom later on but then she said it was too far so I stayed there for about 30 minutes (Mom waited for me) then went home! PFFT! Mom went out with her friends after bringing me home.


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