Risk, among others.


I remember playing this board game with some of my friends before called Risk where you have to conquer the world and stuff. When the guys were playing, they tried to conquer each others’ territories to try to conquer the world but when we (girls) played, we were less violent and we talked about things and stuff. Haha!

Here’s something I learned from Socio which I think can explain this.

“Men have always been predisposed to war, to the zero-sum resolution of differences. Women, because of the nurturing roles that culture assigned to them, are more inclined to patient deliberation, to cooperation and the peaceful sharing of the earth’s resources. A gender perspective therefore can also show the way to peace in human affairs.” – from the book Nation, Self and Citizenship. Hahahaha!

Anyway, here are a few quotes from some episodes of series I’ve watched.

From Numb3rs:

Larry: What did I do? All I did was call him a black hole.
I forgot who said it: You called him a black hole?
Larry: *shrugs*

From One Tree Hill:

Jamie: Is that how you got nanny Debby?
Dan: Well, that and gin.
Jamie: Got any gin?



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