Fine fine.


On second thought, fine, I was wrong. He’s not that bad. I’m sorry CN. Hahaha.

Dear you, do not pass any judgments because I do not do that to you. I accept you for who you are and I don’t make you change okay? You’re not perfect yourself.

Fine fine, I’m being a kid. I shall learn to grow up.

Seriously, you are all being such stupid people. Learn to grow up too!

Fine, I will not let myself be affected with all this shit. I am who I am. Deal with it.

March 10

I commuted to school. Had our Span 31 report. It was all right I guess, but it was also a bit messy. Hahaha, that’s what happens when we plan a report 1-2 days before the actual report. Pfft.

Anywayyy, Span 40. I think we played this game. Por y para sentences. M and I won. Yay!

EEE 10. Boring as usual? We’ve moved on to another topic though. Eep, I haven’t finished my project yet. Ughhh, lazy.

C consti exam.

Fun conversation with T, G, T, A, and K at the tambayan afterward. TSB was there for a while too.

Hitched a ride with T to Melo’s. Picked up both his sisters on the way. Hahaha!

So full!

March 11

Hitched a ride with D to school. Ballet. Practice. Hitched a ride with R to AS. Changed clothes, etc.

Was supposed to do homework but then H arrived and we had to be the taste testers again. Pfft! Went there with B girl and B boy. Had a nice conversation with B girl. It was weird with B boy there, because he couldn’t really relate, but I guess it was all right.

Span 31 class. J and A’s speeches. After that, discussions.

Comm 3 speeches again. Impromptu speeches next meeting! Eep.

NatSci discussion. Was so sleepy! Exam results after. Did better than the Physics exams, so I guess it’s all right. I can already see my final grade, a measly 1.75. Pfft. Sigh. Shit shit shit.

Went to CAL after class for E COFFS. Heard the talk from the director of DFA. Scary. If ever I do choose to become an FSO, I do hope I pass and stuff. Hmm, will see what life has in store for me.

C tambs. Stupid people. Tsk.

Hitched a ride with C home.

Hitched a ride with D to school. Went to E to hang out. It was fun!

Span 31. It was my turn. Speech. Hmm, it wasn’t as good as I imagined it to be, maybe because I got shy (AGAIN! GRR!) and didn’t really say the other things I wanted to say. Sigh, next time, next time. M also gave her speech and then she gave us sweets! Yum! J’s report. Play planning. M and I also had our individual interview exam thingie. Haha. I really really like our professor. He’s such a great professor!

Span 40, correction of sentences. More homework for next meeting. Play and final exam to worry about too. Should start studying!

EEE 10. Discussion. Exam and project coming up soon too! Gaaaah.

Waited (with C) for D while he swam. He fed us though. Hahaha.


March 13

Hitched a ride with D to school.

Ballet. Lalala.

Hung out at E again!

Span 31 listening exercises. TJ’s and M’s speeches. Game, chocolates, and brownies! Play planning!

Comm 3 impromptu speeches. Wasn’t called. Next meeting! I hope I won’t get nervous and that I pick a topic I’m knowledgeable about. Heee.

NatSci discussion.

Hung out with MS and S. Ate!

C tambayan.

Went with TSB, D, and S to Banapple and then later on went with H, S, T, and A to Fat Skillet Cafe.


March 14

Went to school for the interviews. Food!

D was so funny, “sucking up” and all. HAHA!

Ballet practice.

C tambayan. A, TSB, S, C.


Hitched with A home!


About Therese

28 years old | Chinese-Filipina | University of the Philippines Diliman - BA European Languages (Spanish major, Speech Communication minor) 2011 | National Chengchi University - MA International Development | Working in the freight forwarding/logistics industry Learning to believe in myself more and not being afraid to seize opportunities ♥

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  1. in case you meant me.. i was reflecting on lots of people. di ko naman naisip na you were judging me. for the most part i was just still sort of indignant at K at that moment. but what does it mean if you thought i was referring to you? and what does it mean if i thought you were referring to me here? hmm anyway if you didnt mean me then.. *mindwipe*


  2. no no, i wasn’t judging you. i mean, i forgot what you said na exactly (it’s the whole no grudge thing HAHA seriously), pero basta parang may sinabi ka na something about me, or what i said, or what i did. and then parang naisip ko na parang like.. let’s take the example with K. parang he’s so against your friendship and he’s saying stuff pa and blahs, and ako parang okay lang naman sa akin. i don’t say things and i don’t judge your friendship with him, kasi parang, as they say, it’s your life, and kasi friends ko kayo pareho. something like that. umm di ko maexplain eh. pero i guess mga emotions din lang to haha sorry. thanks for the honesty though :))


  3. onga, i know you don’t judge me, kasi you’re awesome like that :)) and di ko lam kung ano yung sinabi ko about you or what you said or did but i’m pretty sure wala naman ako beef with you, sometimes i don’t see lang the point in your being angry at some people but then i’m not in your shoes so di ko rin naman masasabi kung ano yung tama or kung pano ka dapat mag-react. i guess ganun lang din, it’s your life, haha. (and thanks for the nonjudgment) :))


  4. the thing people have to understand is that my “being angry” naman is not talaga being angry and that it’s temporary. feel ko nga it’s better that way kasi i don’t keep grudges. kaysa naman un mga people na “hindi nagagalit” kasi tinatago lang lahat and then one day sasabog lang sila and stuff. parang ganun. eh ako ayaw ko itago so nilalabas ko. and i only share my “anger” to people i’m comfortable with/close, kasi feel ko na they accept me and that they understand kaya okay lang magshare and stuff. pero if it’s not okay pala with you, tell me lang and i won’t bother you with my “being angry” shiz. haha.


  5. hmm yeah that makes sense, about letting it out instead of blowing up one day. (watch out for me! hehe). nah, i like listening to what you have to say. besides, friends listen to each other. *cue rainbows and chirping birds* haha.


  6. hahahaha oh nooooo baka magend of the world when you blow up! sort of like a scene in watchmen <3 hahaha!

    aww. haha! oo nga tama! :D *cue cute little doggies too!* tapos nasa beside the falls tayo! :))


  7. hahaha or heroes, like peter petrelli! when the day comes, just strap me onto a missle or something and blast me to outer space (aim for the aliens!), i won’t take offense in that. :))

    what… cute little doggies are cute! and we can take a refreshing dip in the falls pa. :)) you’re doing all right, grasshopper.


  8. hmm.. you should know how to fly! and isn’t he indestructible? or hindi na ba ulit? haha! :)) gulo na kasi ng story eh, blech boring! but sige, i shall strap your thin stick bitchy body and blast you to outer space! i shall not aim for ze aliens because i don’t want them to suffer with youuuu! :p

    weeeeeh! thank you praying mantis! :))


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