I didn’t do a lot yesterday, but I did cross a couple of things off my to-do list! YAY!

I watched TV (after such a long time)! Chinatown Adventure coverage. After that, I got to watch Matanglawin on ABS-CBN and it was quite interesting. The episode was about the mating habits of some animals (since it’s Valentines and all). Then, I watched ASAP ’09, Your Song, and The Buzz. HAHAHAHA! I didn’t want to do my homework!

I took a nap after that, and then I went back to doing some homework. I can’t write my speech plan! Ugh! I don’t know how to go about writing it because we have to write an attention step, and then a clarification step, etc. etc. I’m talking about vegetarianism though, because I was once a 1-week vegetarian! HAHA! The prof told us to talk about things which interest us, and well, I can’t think of anything to talk about. I don’t really have any particular favorite, or an interesting hobby, or whatever.

I got to read another book last night! Finally. It was partly because of my procrastination. I didn’t want to NOT do anything, but I wanted to take a break from doing homework, and so I decided to read a book. 30 Guys in 30 Days. Haha! It’s a chic lit so it’s actually kind of easy to read.

I slept at around 2 AM!

I woke up at around 9:30 AM this morning and started preparing to go to school. I arrived early and so I just walked around. I looked for a place to sit and waited for my group mates. We went to the high school together. Teaching day 2. It was tiring! Plus, we didn’t really know a lot about the topic we were discussing so we were also just getting the feel of it. Haha! Finally, 1 more teaching day to go and it’s goodbye CWTS!

Went to McDo to meet up with A and then we took the LRT together. I also got to chat with her last night and it was nice actually. I mean, it’s been a long time since we last talked to each other and normally, we would be fine with that, but over the Christmas break, I guess she realized (and I made her realize) that she wasn’t really all that available for me. We’re best friends but it’s like we’re not. Now though, things are a bit better I think.

Got home, started reading another book, and then about halfway through, I took a nap. When I woke up, I went online and here I am now, still online. Hahahaha! I have yet to finish homework, but I’m too lazy! UGH! Later, I promise.

Oh, C told me something about P. Hahaha! I wonder if it’s really true. But if it is, then maybe she should! RAWR. HAHA! I mean, if she really does want to do that, then why didn’t she do a good job when she was a blah back then? She was useless back then (until now actually) and then suddenly, she wants to do this? She’s saying that she really wants to blah the blah, but whatever. Oh, whatever. Come what may. –> Censored for C! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

TSB, you funny B! Haha, we were both panicking and stuff. Oh, and K and I were funny too! I made T panic! LOL.

I will not change myself for other people. I mean, if they can’t accept me for who I am, then I don’t need them. They should accept me for who I am, and realize that I can (and did) do a good job. People should stop belittling me.


About Therese

28 years old | Chinese-Filipina | University of the Philippines Diliman - BA European Languages (Spanish major, Speech Communication minor) 2011 | National Chengchi University - MA International Development | Working in the freight forwarding/logistics industry Learning to believe in myself more and not being afraid to seize opportunities ♥

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  1. I will not change myself for other people. I mean, if they can’t accept me for who I am, then I don’t need them. They should accept me for who I am, and realize that I can (and did) do a good job. People should stop belittling me.

    AMEN. hahaha. but you can change for yourself. i mean, kung sa ikabubuti naman ng sarili mo. if only for yourself. :) :p


  2. if i feel the need to change, i will. pero i don’t think i should change myself just so that i can win. i’ve said it over and over again, hindi kasi ako plastic :))

    heeeee. asar kasi eh! haha

    pero narealize ko kanina na hindi ako SUUUUUPER masasad iyak blah if i don’t win :))


  3. buiset, puro blahs! hahaha

    and oonga me too, i dont mind if H wins. sabagay taga-doon naman talaga siya, i’m trespassing lang :)) fun din naman siguro if we’re both just regular mems next year. take a break. haha


  4. hahaha eh kasi di pwede eh! :)) il tell you na lang on sat!! yihee excited na ako! did you ask D na? although feel ko by the time you read this eh nakausap na kita and stuff :))

    oo nga eh.. medyo. parang if we become reg members, we can focus on our acads! hahaha :D we can become delinquent mems! weeeeh hahaha joke :)) although naisip ko nga kasi dapat either run or not renew eh. pero if i don’t renew IF i don’t win baka sabihin nila it’s because i’m bitter or something, which i’m not. haha :)) run-on!=))


  5. hahaha pero kasi yun na ang plan ko before eh. pero yun nga parang feel ko kelangan ko magrenew IF IF IF (HAHAHA) i don’t win kasi baka isipin ng mga tao bitter blah ako. bwisit. hahaha :)) sana manalo akoooooo

    isipin mo! haha ako nagisip nyan eh =))


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