A week of self-declared holidays!


It is the week of the UP Fair! I haven’t been able to blog mainly because I am a part of the Fair VolCorps and because of that, I’ve been coming home late and I haven’t been able to use the laptop much.

The title is the “slogan” in the shirt that one of my org was selling at the fair. As usual, here goes.

February 9

I went to school to meet up with my CWTS group mates. We met at SC and then we hitched a ride with M to Culiat. We had a hard time looking for a parking space but finally, we were able to find one. We then taught our class and then after that, the first teaching day was over! YAY! There were some students who didn’t want to listen but it’s a good thing that majority of the class were eager to listen.

We went back to UP and then I studied for a while in the C tambayan. After that, I went to the UP fair for my first shift. D and T came a couple of hours later. We got home at around 11 PM.

I do not like “Peligro.” They’re just noise pollution! Hee. Seriously though, my ears hurt after their set.

February 10

We didn’t have Span 30. I hitched a ride with D to school. I bought cellphone load from C because I figured it would be cheaper for me to be Unli this week (and I was right) HAHAHA. D and I went to BA for the A gallery opening. It was all right. Gaby dela Merced went there as a special guest because our theme is Formula 41.

Span 40 class. We just had a discussion. I charged my cellphone. Heee. Also, she returned our quizzes. At first, I thought I got a high grade (compared to the 2nd quiz, I did) but when I calculated it, it was low. Sniff. Shit ass.

EEE 10 discussion. It was veryyyy boring. I almost fell asleep!

E GA after that.

UP fair shift again. I felt really sick. I got home and I was starting to feel worse so I immediately went to sleep.

Oh, I saw this band, “Not So Fast”, where the guitarist had a Hello Kitty guitar! Hahaha! I immediately told T!

February 11

Ballet class was tiring! We were taught a lot of new steps and we also reviewed past steps. Whew!

My period started and well, disaster. Hahaha.

Span 30 individual exam! I think it went well. I mean, I was able to answer his questions, although there were some parts where I stuttered and I didn’t know what word to use in the sentence. Haha!

Comm 3 presentation. The groups presented their products and then had a short defense after the preentation. We also presented our commercials. In the end, our group won best group/product! YAY! We only got a grade of 1.25 though! Boo.

NatSci1 class. Physics part is officially over and we are already in the Chem part of NatSci. The prof was kind of scary and she had a lot of requirements but I think she teaches well. What I don’t like however, is that we have to recite a lot in her class and she wants us to go to the center aisle, to the microphone, to recite. Pfft. Hassle.

A gave me an Advil so I felt better.

Went to the UP Fair again. This time, D, C, and T were there too. T and D tried wall climbing! I wanted to try it too but the I had my period so I was kind of uncomfortable. Haha. We hitched a ride with D home.

I don’t really understand why the people don’t like Callalily but for me, they’re kind of all right. I mean, I like 2 of their songs. Hahaha.

February 12

I was feeling really sick when I woke up. I was actually thinking of not going to school anymore but in the end, I decided to go. I was able to hitch a ride with D to school. I didn’t have Span 30 again because we just had exams.

C and I gave me a piece of cupcake! YAY!

C came around and we got to talk for a while but he talked with D more. Haha. A also passed by and we talked for a while too.

Span 40. Discussion and then we played a time game. I didn’t win though.

EEE 10. It was boring, as usual. We had our SET too.

I went with T to the fair!

I like Zelle and Chubibo. They’ve been singing every night (I think) and they’ve been singing the same songs every night but I like one song that they’ve been singing. I don’t know the title though.

We hitched a ride home with A.

February 13

I wasn’t able to go to my ballet class because of D! GRRRRRR!

Span 30 exam again. It was funny because the room we were supposed to be in was occupied so our professor decided to hold the exam in the mini-lobby. The professor taped the first question in the stair banister and then while we were all answering, he decided to scatter the other questions so that we’d have to find it! Like, one question was taped behind a chair, one was taped to a flower pot, one was under the stairs, etc. HAHAHA!

After that exam, we had another exam, but this time, by group. It was nerve-wracking. Our prof also posted our exam grades and well, I didn’t like them. Aww, oh well.

Comm 3 report. Cringe. J and I were cringing and we were just texting each other. Then, we decided to flood other people’s inbox. (Hi B!)

NatSci1 discussion. Wasn’t able to recite again. Oh well. I hate A for being such a know-it-all.

Dropped by the Sunken Garden to leave some stuff for R and then T and I hitched a ride with A to this place where we were picked up by our cousins. Family dinner/mini-reunion. Aww. Baby A didn’t like me last night! HAHAHA. There was 1 time however when I entered the room, that he smiled this really big smile at me and then hugged my leg. Hee.

Got home and slept.

February 14

DonChAinMe came over! Haha we were supposed to have a “movie marathon” but again, like last time, we only ended up watching 1 film. We also did homework. HAHAHAHA!

Ate lots of food! Good times. It was actually fun to just hang around, tell a story/say something if something pops into your head, and remain silent/do homework the rest of the time. Haha.

Romeo + Juliet = stupid! HAHAHA. The dialogue were funny though, because it was set in a modern setting but the dialogue was still old English (?).

After they left, I continued doing my homework and I shall continue doing my homework until tomorrow/Monday.

Politics. Stupid politics. Hahaha.

I really do hope I win, but if not, well then I guess it just means that it wasn’t meant for me.

Oh, happy hearts day! <3

Whew, this is long!


About Therese

28 years old | Chinese-Filipina | University of the Philippines Diliman - BA European Languages (Spanish major, Speech Communication minor) 2011 | National Chengchi University - MA International Development | Working in the freight forwarding/logistics industry Learning to believe in myself more and not being afraid to seize opportunities ♥

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  1. buti ka pa alam mo nangyayari sa comm 3 class mo. kami walang alam sa nangyayari sa grades namin. :|

    punta tayo sa power up para magwall climbing! :D

    Baby A didn’t like me last night! …ang temperamental naman ng batang yan! =))

    k. hahaha.


  2. hahaha! bakit? ano na bang nangyayari sa comm3 mo?? haha grabe si gella at jared pala tagalog na comm3 din kinuha eh! :)) haha wala lang. although feel ko mas madali ATA magspeech pag tagalog. i mean.. sanay na kasi eh? haha :))

    hmm sige. magkano. hehehe although takot ako baka di ko magawa eh. haha :))

    oo nga eh :( boo siya! boooo. pero ang cuuuute niya <3


  3. basta di niya sinasabi ung grades. haha OO NGA YUNG PROF NILA UNG KINUHA KO NH, at nakuha ko nga. pero nakipagpalit siya sa ibang prof. :( …and mahirap kaya diretsong tagalog, ewan, whatever. :)) parang wala na ngang sanay na magdiretsong tagalog or diretsong english eh. haha

    di ko alm magkano pero sabi ko kay alvene gawin niyang tbs wahaha kaya mo yan. kahit mga madadaling walls muna. :))


  4. HAHAHA. baka imamagic lang niya in the end! :o haha joke lang :p ah talaga? aww yan kasi e! kaya dapat di super aasa eh, kasi ganyan talaga! hahaha :)) oo nga alam ko mahirap nga. pero para sayo hindi mahirap! kami lang ang nahihirapan! HAHAHAHA :p meron pa rin namang mga tao na kayang magsalita ng diretsong tagalog o ingles eh! malamang. haha :)) like sa speech! HAHAHAHAHA :)) ewan joke lang :p

    oooh. sige tingnan natin :))


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