I’m getting tired of irresponsible people. Really.

I’m sorry. I know I don’t have the “right” to complain and stuff, but at least have some respect or courtesy, right?

I go there on time, at the time you tell me to go, but it takes you 10 more minutes before you arrive.

Anyway, I was late for ballet this morning. Our teacher got mad because a couple of us were late. We were taught new steps. I do not have hand foot coordination. I’m also awkward when it comes to ballet, I think. Haha. I’m not graceful! Oh well.

Hitched a ride with R back to CAL and then I changed clothes in the ladies room. I even heard this girl saying that I (the girl inside the cubicle) was taking too long. Haha, whatever. Wait your turn.

C tambayan.

Ma’am M talked to M and I. Stupid C! Hello, you’re grown-ups, or at least you should be. You’re already in college and yet you still can’t pick up after yourself? You won’t go through life with a maid okay? Learn to be responsible, damn it. Ma’am M is right really, a trash can is SO near our place and you can’t even walk a few steps to throw away your trash?!

Span 30 exam. Argh! N and I got a very hard topic. Stupid stupid. Sigh, oh well. Whatever.

Comm 3. Group discussion. We’re supposed to think of a product which can be used for communication. It should be a product which hasn’t been invented yet. We have to make a concept paper, a print ad, a commercial, and a prototype – all for next meetng (which is on Wednesday). PFFT.

NatSci1. Scary/weird prof. She wants the class to be interactive and so therefore, she’s going to randomly call people to recite. Aside from plain reciting, she wants you to go to the middle aisle and recite using the microphone. My gosh. Also, she wants an index card from us containing all these information like our parent’s names and contact numbers, the high school where we graduated from and its address, our schedule, our signature 3x, grades, etc. Sigh, oh well.

I saw my grade in the 2nd NatSci1 exam. Sigh. I failed. In UP grades, I didn’t fail, but if you base it in high school grades (which we’ve been used to), I failed. That means I didn’t reach a grade of 75%. I feel so stupid, sigh. I’ve never really been good with Physics, even in high school. Shit. It’s just sad that during our first day of classes, when we saw the syllabus and I saw that the grade for 1.00 is 90%-100%, I thought to myself that it was going to be easy but, it’s NOT! Siiiiigh.

I calculated, and it’s already impossible for me to get a grade of 1.00. Getting a 1.25 is VERY hard too. I’d have to get a grade of 100 on both Chem exams for me to get a final grade of 1.25. Shit Physics. Sigh, oh well. I don’t want to lose my magna standing. Siiiiiiiiiiigh! This is so sad.

Plus, I hate it that A got a high score for that exam because she was the one who ranted all the way back to CAL from CS after we took that exam. She kept saying that she was surely going to fail and that she guessed on a lot of items and blah blah blah blah blah. Shit. Then, she was so happy a while ago. She kept on saying that she’s so lucky and that she got a high grade but what about me? Bullshit. I don’t need that from her. In my opinion, remarks like those are just bullshit. They’re superficial.

Anyway, went back to the C tambayan and just hung out. Bought Shawarma rice with H because I was so hungry and I was depressed. A, B, J, A, T, and I went to NCPAG but A, T, and I left immediately because we didn’t want to stick around anymore. We ate dinner at Grilled Tomato and then they brought me home.

Home. Watched GG 0217. It was so expected. Typical. Pfft! Also, I don’t know why the next episode would come out on March! Boo!



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