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January 15

I commuted to school today.

Span 30. Report by J and P. It was kind of boring to watch those videos because of the volume. I couldn’t really hear the videos that well because they didn’t have speakers. After their report, we watched a documentary about Goya and so we have to write a paper again. Pfft.

Span 40. We talked about the movie for a while and then continued answering exercises. She returned our 2nd quiz It was really disappointing because I failed the exam. Sigh. Is this course really for me?

EEE 10. M and I hitched a ride with K to EEE. Yay. Haha! It wasn’t as boring as past classes because we watched robot videos again! Then, we looked at some project samples.

After class, I went back to the C tambayan and then studied. Went to the CH tambayan after that to meet up with J. This isn’t the time for pride anymore. Haha! I asked him about the quiz and stuff. I also got to meet 2 Colombians.

T and I hitched a ride with H home.

January 16

I had a dream this morning. I dreamed that we were going to Buenos Aires! Cool! We didn’t really reach Buenos Aires yet. We were still in the hotel or wherever and we were waiting for our flight. Oh well, the place was beautiful.

I commuted to school because D didn’t have his first class. Pfft. Turns out we didn’t have ballet because our teacher was sick. R and I changed in the dressing room and then I hitched with her to Quezon Hall. I asked about the papers and they haven’t finished processing them yet! Pfft!

I went to C after that and then went to CIS to get the code thing. Went back to the tambayan to wait for K. I got the money from him and even got to hitch a ride with him to SC. I paid for the room and went back to CIS to confirm.

J was being funny weird at the C tambayan. HAHA! I think it was because I was there. Mwahahaha.

Went to the A booth for booth manning. I don’t like booth manning. It’s boring and well, I don’t know. I just don’t like it. I don’t understand why there are some people who LOVE to do that. Hahaha, oh well.

Span 30. Report by J and S. After that, we answered some exercises.

Comm 3 consultation. I had to wait for my group mates to talk about our group report. We were supposed to report in February but then this very irritating person had to go do shit and so we’re going to report on the 30th of January. Pfft. I also waited for my partner and then we consulted with Ma’am about our interview.

We’re thinking of either getting Sir C or Ma’am R from Art Stud. Hmm. I’m kind of irritated because my partner is so hard to reach. She rarely replies and I don’t have her email address or whatever. Pfft. I texted Sir C and he agreed to do the interview so I’ll have to talk to my partner about it.

I now have a new Comm3 friend. We’ve been sitting next to each other for the past few classes now and we’ve been making small talk, and recently, she asked for my number. Hahaha!

I bought a Span DVD from the guy in front of the CAL lib. I’m going to have to watch it one of these days to see if it’s any good. I do hope it’s good though. It’s funny because I got confused with our exchange of money and so I overpaid him. I went back after my NatSci class to ask the money back from him. I explained and all, and thankfully, he gave me the money.

I think I fell asleep during my NatSci class! Oh no. That is SO unlike me! I’ve never slept in class because I just can’t do it, so I don’t know why I fell asleep. I think I missed about 5 slides from the powerpoint. I don’t know if he really did discuss those slides or he jumped but whatever.

Went to the C tambayan and talked with M! Aww. Later, C arrived and the 3 of us talked. Fun.

Waited for D for a LOOOOONG time. I got irritated and he knew so that’s all right I guess. Whatever. I was even kicked out by the guard from our tambayan because it was past 7. I had to wait at the AS steps.

We went to Makati for the A welcome dinner. I got to talk to the Peruvian trainee for a while and I left when the other trainees wanted to talk to her too.

Talked with C. Aww. I missed her! Heard a lot of A stories and they were interesting!

After that, we walked to the Thai place but then it was already closed. Too bad. D wanted to eat there. We even saw this Mercedes Benz owner shouting at this taxi driver because they hit each other. I think it was the Benz’s fault because the owner was drunk!

Hitched a ride with D home.

January 17

Went to school for the E video shoot. Call time was 8 AM. I arrived at 8 AM SHARP! Cool. Hahaha. It was tiring. I only appeared in 2 scenes but it was tiring because we had to shoot scenes over and over again. Also, we had to carry chairs to use the classroom and stuff. Blah. Haha it was fun to do this with E orgmates but yeah, it was tiring. I can’t wait to see how it turns out!

Hitched a ride with T to McDo Katipunan and then walked to the LRT.

It was so hot in the LRT because they turned off the airconditiong! Pfft! Plus, there were a lot of people and I didn’t have a seat. Boo.

Went to the DVD place and bought 7 DVDs! Haha. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Revolutionary Road, Made of Honour, Bedtime Stories, HSM 3, The Dark Knight, and I forgot the last one. I’ll write it later. Haha.

Went home and slept.

Mom, T and I went to Aunt S’s house for dinner. Aunt J and Uncle J are here from the States and so they met up. I got to see my childhood crush. Hahaha! He’s not as cute anymore though. He’s gotten fatter. Hehe.

We also saw his brother, who from what I remember, kept teasing T before. Hahaha! He’s now married and he’s almost 30. Time sure flies by so fast.

It’s kind of sad that we haven’t been in contact with each other through the years. I mean, we were childhood friends but then, nothing.

Achi R has kids! A 5 year old and a 2 year old. Awwww! They’re so cute but they’re energy-draining! Haha. One wanted to take pictures and so she borrowed T’s phone and kept taking pictures to the point of draining T’s cellphone battery! HAHA!

Went home and had a YM conversation with N. We talked about our report.

Slept at around 3.

January 18

Tons of homework and stuff. Lalalala. Will start doing them now. Ciao!

Edit. (11:07 PM)

I finished my Span paper already. That was so hard to do. I started doing my Span 30 report.

We went to CBTL Tomas Morato to finish the coupon thing.

Grandma died. Sigh. She was 106 years old. May she rest in peace. It’s so sad that the first (? that I can remember) and last time that I saw her/went to China was 6 years ago. Sigh.


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  1. ngek! ang tanga ko naman if nagbblog ako by day pero di ko pinopost :)) edi sana pinost ko na lang! hahaha. naaalala ko lang siya. haha through the help of plurk, and medyo my memory and blah. hahahaha =))


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