I hate it when people lie to me and don’t even think that I’m going to find out that they lied to me. If you’re going to lie about something, make sure you’re not going to get caught. F*** you.

I already forgot what happened before, but what happened now is this: Someone told me that he/she wasn’t going to this thing because he/she had class and because he/she didn’t want to go. Therefore, I didn’t go too. Then just now, I saw someone else’s Multiply with pictures of someone attending that thing. WTF?! You can’t even tell me straight that you wanted to go/you went?!

This is the reason why we can’t even fix our friendship. Here I am thinking I’m the one at fault when all along, you weren’t even trying. You even tell people things which… Gah! Whatever. Do what you want to do.

Something completely unrelated: I finally saw someone’s picture today and I’d have to say, doesn’t look that bad. I think. Maybe it’s the lighting or something, haha. Oh well, what has been said has been said. Does that even make sense?

If only I can see her.

And another thing, witches of the west think they are better than us. I don’t think so. You being a witch doesn’t mean you’re better than us because well, you aren’t. This thing which exists between witches and other beings has to stop, but well, it has existed for over a hundred (thousand?) years so, it’s kind of hard to do that really.

I had the guts to email 3 of them. They all replied (bearing bad news, but what the hey!)

Proper entry tomorrow/later.

Happy birthday to T! Also to other people who are celebrating their birthdays!


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